The DFL's State Central Committee

The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Minnesota DFL Party between State Conventions, which occur every two years. The central committee meets three to four times a year. Its membership includes the State Executive Committee, 50 at-large members, ten elected officials, the chairs and vice chairs of each senate district, and representatives elected from local party units. The State Central Committee operates under the party’s Constitution, the Official Call, and the State Central Committee Standing Rules. For matters not covered by those rules, the State Central Committee is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

The DFL State Central Committee (SCC) will convene at 12:00 noon on Saturday, December 8 at Mankato West High School, 1351 S Riverfront Dr. Mankato, MN 56001. Registration will open at 8:30 a.m.

At 10:30 a.m., two training sessions will be offered. The first is for Community Caucuses and Outreach Organizations to learn more about creating their 2017-18 Biennial Reports due in January, and the second is an opportunity for local unit officers to share ideas for Keeping Your Activists Involved.

SCC Proposed Agenda 2018-12-08

12-08-2018 SCC Meeting – Petition Resolutions

The committee’s duties

  • Conduct business conferences to discuss party issues, training and outreach, and party building
  • Reconvene an adjourned State Convention
  • Grant charters to a constituency caucus as an organization within the Party
  • Modify the Action Agenda
  • Fill vacancies for positions elected by the State Convention or Business Conference
  • If necessary between conventions, endorse candidates for statewide office


Membership consists of representatives from local party units, the State Executive Committee, 50 at-large members, ten elected officials, and the chairs and vice chairs from each district.

Members and alternates will receive an official notice of State Central Committee meeting in the mail unless they have opted into receiving electronic meeting notices. Please contact Training and Party Affairs Director, Vicki Wright ( to receive future meeting notices by email, which saves the party time and money.

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