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Watch @kdaudt throw a tantrum on the #mnleg floor. What a poor example of leadership by the @mnhousegop. #ComeOnMan

Shout out to @LizOlson218 for taking control & not being bullied! We can all learn something from your leadership. I’m proud we’re in the same @MinnesotaDFL party!

Minnesota DFL Party@MinnesotaDFL

House Republican leaders like @kdaudt would rather throw childish temper tantrums than get something done for Minnesotans.

With Republicans behaving like that, it's no wonder we don't have a state budget passed. #mnleg

@MinnesotaDFL @kdaudt The behavior of Republican legislator's today has been appalling. Yelling, insulting, repeatedly interrupting, disrespectful particularly of the women in the Speaker role. I've never seen such atrocious behavior before. Tells you all you need to know. #mnleg

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DFL Party Statement on Juneteenth


DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement in commemoration of Juneteenth.

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