Party Resources for Local Units

DFL Resource Guide
04.27.15.PartyResourcesOur party’s success depends on the many volunteers and local party leaders who make phone calls, knock on doors, raise funds, and identify voters so our DFL candidates can win elections. The DFL has invested in resources to support this critically important work and most of these resources are available to local party units free of charge.

Resources and facilities include:



If you are a new DFL leader, you may want to read our New Leaders FAQs, which includes the basics of the party structure and party officer roles.

Caucus and Convention Planning 

This link is intended to provide easy access to the materials you need to prepare for the caucus and convention cycle. Most of these materials are found in your caucus kits, but they are provided here in electronic form for your convenience.

Press Kit

Minnesota DFL Promotional materials.

VAN Training Resources 

Find information regarding State Central Committee Member Orientation, Voter File User Training and Registration, Convention Chair Training, and Caucus Covener Training.

Resources for Treasurers 

This page provides a list of resources for the treasurers of local party units and others who are involved in campaign finances.

Building DFL Local Unit Websites

The Minnesota DFL offers local units the ability to create their own local sites in conjunction with the main state party site. These sub-sites give local units a space to post locally relevant information; the main site places these sub-sites within a coherent framework.

Material for Local Party Units


DFL Party Documents 

The DFL Party Document Library contains Voter Registration Documents, DFL Party Documents, Local Party Unit Documents, and Template Party Unit Documents