About Us

Our mission is to promote Democratic principles throughout our diverse community.

We do this by increasing community involvement, by supporting and electing DFL candidates in Senate District 57, and by raising funds to help our candidates win elections.

Senate District 57 encompasses all of Apple Valley, Rosemount, Coates and the part of Lakeville between 160th and 180th, and between Flagstaff Ave. and Diamond Path. There are 2 House Districts with in Senate District 57, House Districts 57A and 57B.

We are proud to be represented by Democrats in the MN Senate and in both of our seats in the MN House!  Thank you to our Senator Greg Clausen, and to our Representatives Robert Bierman (57A) and John Huot (57B).

DFL Senate District 57 Leadership Team:

Chair: Nancy Stroessner, nstroessner@hotmail.com

Vice-Chair: Bill Middlecamp

Outreach and Inclusion Officer: Linda Garrett-Johnson

Secretary: Judy Finger

Treasurer: Jeff Anderson


    • Ruth Block
    • Liz Carlson
    • John Corcoran
    • Roger Gehrke
    • Nancy Hau
    • Kyle Koch
    • Dave Mindeman
    • Roxanne Mindeman
    • Shaun Pannu
    • Janet Rohlf
    • Mark Stroessner
    • Ken Wilson
    • Marcy Woodruff

Additional members of our Executive Committee are Felonise Pitchford, Fay Coggshall, Robin Conley, Brenda Rivera, and Linda Larson.

Our Upcoming Events

Our 2019 SD57 DFL Convention will be held on Saturday, April 13 at the Dakota County United Educators Office, 6950 146th St. W., Suite 112, Apple Valley.

At this convention, delegates and upgraded alternates (they’re the same people as were delegates and alternates to the 2018 SD57 DFL Convention) will elect a SD57 Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach & Inclusion Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer for the 2019-2021 term.  We will also update our SD57 DFL Constitution.

Look for more information here!  If you are a delegate or alternate, you will get a postcard notice of the convention in your mail.