Volunteer’s Stories

Edie Jensen and Governor Mark Dayton

Edie Jensen and Governor Mark Dayton

Edie sustained the county

Edie Jensen has been volunteering in Nobles County for many years. Over the years she has planned dinners, worked phone banks, and dropped literature. When soliciting for the Nobles County DFL Sustaining Fund Edie was unsurpassed. Local Democrats knew that once Edie set her sights on them their only course of action was to write a check. As her reputation grew, the checkbooks came out as soon as people saw Edie heading in their direction at DFL events. Edie’s other hobbies include her treasured collection of hats, and driving her motorcycle and Prowler automobile.

Deb engaged new voters

Volunteer Photo 1For the 2012 election cycle I volunteered to coordinate the effort going into multi-family housing units (apartments) and registering new voters. Not only was the experience fulfilling it was an eyeopener! One Saturday I did a complex where my eyes were really opened up as to why the registration of voters is such a necessary job within the DFL. In this one community with about 150 units I met 2 elderly Russians who were thrilled to finally be voting as free citizens. I met a number of Somalis who had just become citizens and were pleased to be registering to vote and had many questions about the process. There was one young woman who had just moved from her family home and she engaged the candidate and I with questions and views that showed just how engaged our young voters can be when given the chance. I believe strongly in the right to vote and getting out there and helping others find their voice but this one complex was a game changer for me. I really saw, firsthand, how important my efforts are. It is now more of a mission for me.

Dick brought us health care reform

I have worked on many campaigns in my lifetime (I am 68), but the one with the most impact was my work on Al Franken’s US Senate campaign in 2008. I spent about 500 hours working on his campaign and I talked to several 1000 people on the phone about Al + my wife and I gave a generous financial contribution to the campaign. Al won by 312 votes out of 2.9 million votes cast in 2008. Al cast the 60th vote to approve the health care bill. It took 60 votes in the Senate to pass the bill. Without Al in the Senate, we probably would not have had the health care reform. I doubt that Al would have won in 2008 if I would have done nothing. The investment of my time and money was well worth it.

Volunteers 2

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