DFL Veterans Caucus


Calling all Minnesota Veterans and Military Families…..

The DFL Veterans Caucus is rebooting on February 7, 2015 and we need you.

Tom Hamilton and I have been conferring with Chris Thorp and Jules Goldstein of Constitution and ByLaws regarding the change in leadership and have announced elections for February 7, 2015 at the DFL Business Conference. At this point in time a location and time have not been announced but our plan is to meet prior to the DFL Business Conference. At that meeting we will be electing all officers: chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. Our directors are not up for election for another year as far as we can tell, hence one of the problems.

A caucus is only as good as it’s goals. With this in mind I would submit that the caucus has four fundamental goals that all efforts should support, namely,

1) Endorsements: Putting our caucus behind worthy candidates is a vital use of the caucus,
2) Boots on the ground: Putting our caucus efforts behind worthy candidates is important,
3) Fundraising: Necessary to get the word out on support and to support efforts to build the caucus,
4) Legislative action: Necessary to work with our legislature and local community efforts to create and support efforts to support vets and mil families.

At this meeting we would ask all caucus members to consider volunteering to move forward one of these efforts. And speaking of those efforts, one definite fundraising need we are facing immediately is the up front cost of funding VAN access to connect with more veterans and military families around the state to include them in our efforts. The cost of that will be approximately $170 based on last year’s cost. To that end we would encourage all interested supporters to voluntarily contribute $10 if possible to this effort. You can pay your voluntary dues either in person at the meeting or online at https://www.dfl.org/veterans/donate/ We appreciate your support of the caucus and our efforts.

We are seeking to grow our caucus and our relevance to all corners of the state. There is much to gain by engaging veterans and military families in the legislative process and political action. Help us make this happen.

To this end, Tom Hamilton has stepped forward and is running to lead the caucus as chair. I am running to support Tom as Vice Chair and Ken Kalish will be running for re-election as Secretary. However, we still need somebody to run for Treasurer.

We encourage all interested in running to let everyone know and come prepared to jump in and let’s make this caucus a “raucus caucus”. Let’s wear our t-shirts and make some noise!

Thank you and we’ll let you know when and where we will be meeting on February 7 as soon as that information is available from DFLHQ.

Cheryl Poling
Current Chair, DFL Veterans Caucus

The Veteran’s Caucus of the Minnesota DFL Party was established to address the concerns of the state’s 460,000 veterans. We are also interested in actionable policy issues affecting active duty military members, reservists, National Guard, family members and survivors. Veterans caucus membership is open to members of the Minnesota DFL Party. One does not need to be a veteran to be a member of the caucus.

If you would like to join the DFL Veterans Caucus, you can do so by clicking on the form below.

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