The Minnesota DFL strives to create safe workplaces for our employees and takes allegations of sexual harassment, assault and intimidation very seriously.

In January 2017, the DFL was made aware of allegations that two former employees of the Minnesota DFL sexually harassed volunteer Christopher Horoshak during the 2016 election. I commend Christopher in coming forward. It’s not easy. People deserve a safe and respectful work environment, and anything less is unacceptable.

The DFL investigated and took appropriate action. Due to the seasonal nature of campaign work, these individuals were no longer employed by the Minnesota DFL in January 2017 when the allegations were first brought to our attention.  That limited our options, but we identified and implemented the appropriate steps we could still take, including placing a letter in the permanent personnel files at the state party.

We at the Minnesota DFL are working hard to root out harassment and bias and bigotry as it has no place in our Party. As part of our ongoing commitment to making the Minnesota DFL a model workplace, we have taken several steps over the last year: a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination spelled out in our employee manual that must be reviewed and signed by all DFL employees; mandatory sexual harassment, discrimination, and implicit bias training required for all DFL employees; required training for all DFL-endorsed candidates running for office on their responsibility to create safe work spaces on campaigns; and the creation of an internal task force, spearheaded by me, tasked with improving the process for victims of harassment and discrimination to bring their concerns forward.

Again, I want to personally thank Christopher for his bravery in sharing his story. It’s exactly this kind of courage that will help lead to the systemic change we need.