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WSP Greenway Bike Rodeo Drive by Robert Wedewer – GoFundMe

On  June, 17th 2017 at the Wentworth Library  there will be a Bike Rodeo.  All participants will get a FREE brand new bike helmet. There will be a station to get and fit the helmet, safety education, obstacle course, library card sign up, race area, completion certificate/photo op.
The WSP Greenway project and its members are looking to raise 500.00 to donate to the event. Let’s make sure our kids are safe and help provide them what they need to get out there, and safely enjoy biking in our community.

Source: WSP Greenway Bike Rodeo Drive by Robert Wedewer – GoFundMe

SD 52 DFL Weekly Review 4/10/2017

Representative Rick Hansen:

Rep. Rick Hansen Successfully Passes Bill to Curb the Spread of Emerald Ash Borers 
Ahead of the vote, Representative Hansen shared a  copy of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” with colleagues in the House.

Senator Matt Klein:

Senator Klein talks about the E-12 Bill with Senator and former teacher Steve Cwodzinsky

VIDEO: Senator Klein Speaks Against Vouchers and For Equalization



MN House adds pipeline plan to energy bill | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News 

“Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, DFL-Roseville, said it would cut the public out of the approval process. “The way you are doing this is not honorable. It is cowardly,” Becker-Finn said. “This language, this free ticket to an oil company was not introduced as its own bill. We haven’t had hearings. We haven’t had discussion. This is the first time we’re debating it.””


Some Minn. lawmakers wonder: Where’s the bonding bill? | Minnesota Public Radio News

“This bill is already overdue. It should have passed already,” he told MPR News in an interview Wednesday. “These projects should be underway in this construction season.” 


MN House adds broadband, economic disparity money to budget | Minnesota Public Radio News

“When we have a $900 million budget surplus, it is really unacceptable for us to not do more to address the economic disparities in or state. If not now, then when?” Rep. Rena Moran, DFL-St. Paul, said during floor debate. Democrats also took aim at the bill’s broadband investment of $15 million in 2017. That’s also just a fraction of what the governor and Senate are seeking.”


DNR floats hunting, fishing fee hikes; Republicans aren’t biting | Minnesota Public Radio News

“I buy hunting licenses, fishing licenses, licenses for my boat. I use a state park sticker. I think if I added the increases for all of those it would be $50 or $60,” said Peterson, who owns Northland Fishing Tackle in Bemidji. “It’s a small price to pay for the fishery and the hunting opportunities that we have.” 


Senate school bill falls between House and Dayton | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

“With a $1.6 billion surplus, we need to put the majority of that surplus into our future, our students, our future workforce,” Wiger said. 


DFLer Lesch sets up campaign to run for Minnesota AG | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

“My experience as an aggressive prosecutor, as someone who’s battle tested and knowledgeable in the law, I’m qualified to do it,” he said. “And there’s no question if you are, you’re going to have to get out there now because you can’t necessarily wait for other decisions.” 


GOP plan to stiffen protest penalties survives challenge | Minnesota Public Radio News

“This is being pushed as part of a systemic agenda, nationally and certainly in our state, to suppress dissent,” said Rep. Dave Pinto, DFL-St. Paul. 


MN Senate passes tax bill amid school squables | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

“Poor people aren’t going to be taking advantage of this tax credit,” Isaacson said. “You found a way to funnel money around the government to make sure that we’re still putting money into private schools. That is unacceptable to me.” 


Minnesota state parks face major budget squeeze –

By 2019, state officials say, the parks’ operating budget would be underfunded by up to $5.8 million under the Senate budget proposal and $1.5 million under the House plan. Either one, or a combination of the two, would continue what park officials say is a decadelong dilemma: Operating funds for the state’s 75 parks have declined, after accounting for inflation, while the number of Minnesotans who use them continues to increase every year. 


Education funding: High expectations must be met by high support –

As the Minnesota Legislature discusses caps in compensatory aid and cuts to early education funding — policies that would disproportionately effect students living amid the highest concentrations of poverty — teachers in classrooms across Minnesota understand that high expectations must be matched with high levels of support. 


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SD 52 DFL Weekly Review 4/2/2017

Sen. Klein Capitol Update: Thurs., Mar. 30, 2017

Republicans want to reshape environmental protection, meeting stiff DFL resistance | Star Tribune 

Rep. Rick Hansen, DFL-South St. Paul, went so far as to strip his name from the major House environment bill this week. He called it a giveaway to narrow interests that want to impede the vigorous enforcement of environmental law. “The people of Minnesota don’t want to cut programs for outdoor recreation or that keep our water and air clean. I cannot lend my name to such a bill any longer,” Hansen said in a statement announcing his opposition.

Rick Hansen (DFL) 52A – Minnesota House of Representatives

“What was once a bipartisan effort has devolved into the partisan politics of defunding environmental programs in favor of billions of dollars in tax cuts,” remarked Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South Saint Paul). “Just as we see at the federal level, Republicans are showing how little they care about our environment and how much they care about tax cuts for big moneyed special interests and the rich.”

Minnesota House Democrats: Education Key to Minnesota’s Success, Republicans Fall Short

“Minnesotans all place a high value on the education of our children, because it’s the foundation of our future success,” said the DFL Lead on Education Finance, Rep. Jim Davnie (DFL-Minneapolis). “It is clear to me that Republicans are using education funding as a bargaining chip to get the tax cuts that they want, because they know Democrats care deeply about strong public schools. We can’t let Republicans play political games with the future of our kids.”

Minnesota Republicans Seek to Cut Early Education Program | Minnesota News | US News

“It looks like the House Republicans intend to use pre-kindergarten funding as a bargaining chip in the upcoming budget negotiations,” Dayton said. “It is appalling that the best interests of Minnesota 4-year-olds are being used as a political bargaining chip by House Republicans.”

Reinsurance plan lands before Dayton | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

“Rep. Tim Mahoney, DFL-St. Paul, described it as a bailout for the insurance industry. “We are just taking money from our taxpayers’ pocket and giving it to insurers when they should be taking care of themselves,” Mahoney said. Dayton, a DFLer, hasn’t said whether he will sign the bill but has said insurers should have to guarantee premium relief and that they will continue to sell policies in Minnesota.”

MN Senate passes revised Real ID bill | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

The Senate Real ID bill is now at odds with the House version, which puts into statute the current administrative rules that prohibit licenses for unauthorized immigrants.

House starts budget push with tax-cut bill | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

“When you look at the priorities of the majority, they have five dollars in tax cuts for every one dollar of investment in our students,” Marquart said while holding out the possibility of voting for the bill. “

House passes roads bill that doesn’t raise gas tax | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman, D-Brooklyn Park, accused Republicans of not being serious about passing a bipartisan transportation plan. “There’s been absolutely zero effort to engage with Democrats to seriously put together a transportation bill that we can all get behind, that would provide sustainable, reliable funding that’s constitutionally dedicated to transportation.” Several DFL lawmakers also noted the bill cuts money for Metro Transit. The Metropolitan Council says the cut would amount to $122 million and would result in a 40 percent service cut

Liebling announces run for governor, says she can connect with rural voters | Minnesota Public Radio News

I don’t think we have to be Republicans to get elected in rural Minnesota,” said Liebling. “People in rural Minnesota are diverse, too. We shouldn’t think and pretend that they’re all the same. I think that there’s a lot of opportunity there because people want change.

Hansen Removes Name as Co-Author of Environment Finance Bill

“Today I removed my name as an author of the Environment Finance bill. What was once a bipartisan effort has devolved into partisan politics of cutting state programs and veto bait for the Governor. Instead of focusing on the budget, this bill has more than 80 pages of policy provisions that roll back environmental protections. It rolls back Governor Dayton’s buffer initiative, guts the Environmental Quality Board, and cuts $94 million from current funding that protects our air, water, and natural resources. The people of Minnesota don’t want to cut programs for outdoor recreation or that keep our water and air clean. I cannot lend my name to such a bill any longer.”

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