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Wentworth Avenue Reconstruction Project Open House

The first open house for the Wentworth Avenue Reconstruction Project is scheduled for November 16, 2017 from 4:30pm – 6:30pm at the West St. Paul City Hall Council Chambers, 1616 Humboldt Avenue. This is an opportunity to learn more about the project background, proposed reconstruction alernatives, project schedule and more.

The purpose of this reconstruction project is to improve roadway operations, safety and pavement quality. The project will include the reconstruction of a two-lane roadway with turn lanes, addition of a bicycle and pedestrian facilities and the construction of drainage improvements and new sanitary sewer.

Wentworth Avenue is an important east-west roadway in norther Dakota County, providing connections to Robert Street from Mendota Heights and South St. Paul. It is important to West St. Paul because it provides direct access to multiple residential and commercial properties, City Hall and the Sports Dome.  (search County Road 8)


October Outreach and Inclusion Report

There are at least two areas about which to learn more this month for DFLers who wish to help underrepresented groups: 

More DFL Community Caucuses: More Opportunities for Involvement on Behalf of Underrepresented Groups

Continuing on our SD 52 DFL website theme last month on the work of the DFL Community Caucuses, here are more Caucuses in which you may wish to be involved:

Progressive Caucus

 This Caucus strives to make for substantial progress on economic, health care, civil/human rights, peace, and other issues through platform advocacy at the state and national levels.

Chair: Kristin Larsen,

Meetings are often held monthly, on Sunday afternoons.

Disability Caucus

This group aims to educate people with a wide range of disabilities and their advocates about these people’s needs, both within and outside the DFL. The group also advocates for changes in meeting accessibility and policy advocacy within the DFL. Information and advocacy covers K-12 special education, transportation, site accessibility, medical care, employment, and other areas.

Chair: Terry Friedrichs,

Meetings are held about five times yearly, usually on Sat. or Sunday afternoons.

Stonewall (LGBTQ) Caucus

This Caucus aims to advocate for the greater understanding of LGBTQ people, through conversing with straight, sexual-minority, and gender-minority citizens at Pride festivals, through fighting for LGBTQ-supportive legislation, through screening candidates for city, county, state, and national offices, and through battling for sound public policy for sexual and gender minorities.

Chair: Del Jenkins,

Meetings are often held monthly, on Saturday or Sunday afternoons

Recent Senate District 52 Events: Spotlight on Challenges and Successes in Addressing Needs of Underrepresented Groups

Accommodations for People with Disabilities

At the Sept. 26 meeting of DFL SD 52 in West St. Paul, DFL Disability Caucus (DFL-DC) Chair Terry Friedrichs and DFL-DC Outreach Officer Mary Ann VandeVusse described their disabilities, how those challenges impacted their political involvement at DFL meetings and affected their lives, and what fellow DFL members can do to make meetings more accessible. The presented ideas were some of the 10 sets of ideas listed on a recent DFL bookmark that Friedrichs and the DFL DC produced  to make for accommodations for people with hearing, visual, mobility, intellectual, learning, attentional, emotional, speech/language, and autism-spectrum challenges. Attendees asked good questions and showed a willingness to make accommodations for those DFlers in their presence who needed accommodations.

 Senior Needs and Facilitative Policies and Programs in MN and Dakota County

 At a special Oct. 14 forum on Senior issues, held at the Inver Glen Library (Inver Grove Heights) and created by the DFL SD 52 Outreach/Inclusion Committee, several issues were explored with expert speakers and audience members: single-payer health care to cover all Senior medical needs (with Dr. Nelson Adamson of Centra Health, Monticello), aging in place (with Mss. Julie Angert, State Division of Aging, and Louise Starr, Dakota County Social Services), and senior transportation (with Dave Van Hattum, DARTS). Ideas for affordable assistance and needs for further advocacy were discussed in detail. Tablers included the DFL Disability and Senior Caucuses, Metropolitan Agency on Aging, Physicians for a National Health Plan, the State Dept. of Aging, and Dakota County Social Services.