Senate District 52

SD58’s Hog Roast & Hootenanny

Following last weekends State Central Planning Committee meeting, SD58 threw a big party (i.e. Hootenanny!) for committee members, state and local candidates, and any DFLer in the area. Even though I’m not on the Planning Committee, I decided to spend my afternoon with fellow democrats and hear what some of our candidates had to say.

Check out Senate District 58’s coverage of their event here.

Guest speakers included candidates from across districts: Erin Murphy, Rebecca Otto, Paul Thissen and Tim Walz (candidates for Governor); Debra Hilstrom and John Lesch (candidates for Attorney General); Jon Tollefson (candidate for State Auditor); Jeff Erdmann (candidate for Congress); and Sen. Matt Little. From SD52B, MN Congressional Candidate Geoff Dittberner also made an appearance, joining other local election candidates in a joint appeal for the time (and money) needed to run successful campaigns.

David Wellstone was a special guest speaker who recounted some of his memories of 2002, and shared his hopes for the upcoming legislative session. A common theme wound throughout all the speeches: Minnesota is the last, strong Blue midwestern state, and we need to make sure we stay Blue!

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West St. Paul City Hall Open House

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

– Visit with the Mayor, City Council and City staff. – Learn about WSP community groups such as the Optimist Club, MADD, DARTS, WSP Living Longer and Stronger, Dodge Nature Center, YMCA, NDC4, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, WSCO, Wentworth Library, Relay for Life and more. Enter the FREE RAFFLE to win a flatscreen TV.

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: City Hall at  1616 Humboldt Ave.
West St. Paul, MN 55118
Go to for more details.

My First Time at the Congressional District 2 Convention

Like many of you, the November election galvanized me into action. I had always been a vote and donate Democrat, but I had never gotten involved at the local level. Earlier this year I attended my first Senate District (SD) DFL business meeting for SD52, and I readily admit I had no idea what a senate district even was when I showed up! Since then I have met a lot of awesome and interesting people in my neighborhood, and I’ve gotten involved with the Communications Committee as well as the Events Committee. It was easy to find a way to contribute once I started introducing myself at the monthly senate district meeting.

Not sure how to find our meetings? Check out the events page. The business meeting is the 4th Tuesday of every month in the evening. 

Even after three months of learning and activism with my fellow democrats I’ve still been figuring out how all this works. The senate district elects our Minnesota State Legislative candidates, but it’s our Congressional District (CD) that elects our US Congressional candidates. If any of you are less than thrilled with Republican Congressman Jason Lewis, keep your eyes on the goings on at CD2 (the congressional district that SD52 is located in).

That’s exactly why I decided to attend the Congressional District 2 convention. This convention was for delegates to vote on the Congressional District Chair, Vice Chair and other Officers of the DFL. We’d like to congratulate Susan Moravec, Chair and Greg Hanson, Vice Chair on their wins. As we start to prepare for the 2018 mid-term elections it is more important than ever that our DFL leadership is qualified and driven to make real change.

I wasn’t a delegate (they were chosen last year by the individual senate districts) but I had plenty to do that morning. Starting at 9 am there was a Progressive Fair with over twenty tables set up by different activist groups (such as Indivisible), democratic candidates for governor, and the senate districts themselves. Our district SD52 was selling coffee to raise money for events and candidates this year. The coffee was a big hit, and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans (courtesy of Amore Coffee) helped Kris Klein, Lisa Stevens, and Monica Weber sell almost every bag.

The 5th Congressional District representative and DNC Vice Chair, Congressman Keith Ellison was one of the highlights of the morning for many of us. He gave a moving and urgent speech, effectively harnessing the energy of the moment and helping us reaffirm why we are Democrats. He also told us about some really exciting news coming in June from the DFL. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you are the first to know!

Check out some of my photos from the CD2 Convention: 

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