Senate District 14 DFL


Upcoming Events

April 19–Open House

It is official – the Central Minnesota DFL has a new office!
Please join us on April 19th for our monthly meeting in our new space!

Where – 1727 West St. Germain, St. Cloud, MN 56301

When – April 19 6:00 PM

Please bring a dish and/or beverage to share. Our local candidates, Aric Putnam and Dan Wolgamott will be hosting the Open House and will have volunteer dates and sign up sheets ready. Please be thinking of ways you are able to help turn SD14 from RED to BLUE in 2018. You will have the opportunity to sign up for staffing the office, door knocking, data entry help, phone calling, and much more!

We are very excited that the state DFL has made such an investment in our area. Please join us to celebrate!

Please note: This event will replace our regular monthly meeting.



PCR is back!

Contribute to SD 14 by clicking on the “Donate” tab above!

Your political contributions made between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 to Minnesota political parties and candidates for Minnesota state offices may qualify for a refund.

You can request a Political Contribution Refund if you contribute money to qualified:

  • candidates for the Minnesota Legislature;
  • candidates for Minnesota governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general
  • candidates for Minnesota secretary of state;
  • candidates for Minnesota state auditor
  • Minnesota political parties

You can only request one refund for each calendar year that you made contributions. Your request can include contributions you made to more than one candidate or party.

What contributions qualify for a refund?
Political contributions you made to eligible state candidates or political parties on or after July 1, 2017. Contributions made before that date do not qualify for a refund.

How much is the refund?
The refund is the amount of your contributions up to $50 for an individual or $100 for a married couple (if you file a joint Political Contribution Refund application).

How do I request a refund?

Complete a
2017 Form PCR, Political Contribution Refund Application (online) or
2017 Form PCR, Political Contribution Refund Application (to complete by hand)
Send your completed form to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. You must also include copies of the receipts you received for contributions being claimed on your application. The state can only accept Form EP-3 receipts that you received from a qualified candidate or political party as proof of your 

When can I file?
You may apply for your refund at any time, but no later than April 16, 2018.



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