Preparing for the 2020 Caucuses

On this page, you will find precinct caucus documents. They will be updated as we head towards Caucus Night. If you have questions about Precinct Caucuses contact Scott Graham at

2020 Caucus Rule Change

If your precincts use walking sub-caucuses, they may not be based on Presidential Candidates and if they are, they will be ruled out of order. This is to keep us in compliance with DNC rules and is not negotiable.

Caucus Locations

Proof of Insurance – If your caucus or convention site requires proof of insurance, please fill out the Proof of Insurance Request Form. It should be requested as soon as the site is secured.

Precinct Maps

A map of precinct boundaries must be posted at each Precinct Caucus. You can download maps from the legislative GIS commission’s website here.

Note: The map packages may include both pre-redistricting maps and post-redistricting maps, so be sure to check the map legend to be sure you’re using the right ones.

Party Documents

You can find the most up to date copies of the DFL Constitution, Offical Call, Ongoing Platform, and Action Agenda here.

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