Resources for Treasurers

This page provides a list of resources for the treasurers of local party units and others who are involved in campaign finances.  For comments, questions, or to add a resource to this page, please email State Party Treasurer Tyler Moroles at

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board links:

Campaign Finance Board website– Home page

Reporting software download – This page has the download and all the instructions needed to set up the official reporting software.

Campaign Finance software manual – This Guide is intended to assist political committees, political funds, principal campaign committees, and party units in how to use the reporting software and how to ensure compliance with Minnesota campaign finance laws.

Local Party Unit Treasurer handbook – This Handbook is intended to aid treasurers in meeting the requirements of Minnesota’s campaign finance laws (Minn. Stat. Chapter 10A, the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Act. Chapter 10A and Minn. Rules Chapters 4501 and 4503 should be consulted as needed for fuller explanation.) All forms listed in the Handbook may be downloaded from the Board’s Website.

Fundraising – Frequently asked questions regarding fundraising.

For Candidates:

Legislative and Constitutional Office Candidate Handbook –  This handbook is for campaign committees run by candidates for state offices. The state offices are governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state senator, and state representative.

Federal Election Commission links:

FEC Party Committee Guide –  This pdf summarizes the federal campaign finance laws applicable to political party committees as of August 2013. For more detailed information, please consult the Federal Election Campaign Act and FEC regulations, available from the Commission and online at:

FEC Candidate Guide –  This .pdf summarizes the federal campaign finance laws applicable to candidate committees as of June 2014.

FEC Record – The FEC Record is an on-line resource for political committees and others interested in latest information on the Commission and the federal campaign finance law. Until August 2011, the Commission published the Record as a monthly newsletter. Now, the agency posts articles as news happens, then compiles those articles at then end of each month.

FEC electronic filing search –  View or download electronically filed FEC reports from 1997 to the present.

Additional Resources:

Example Budget #1 Shows monthly breakdown of revenue and expenses.

Example Budget #2 Shows types of budgeting based on revenue.

Best practice fiscal policies Used with permission by SD 7.

Volunteer signup sheet Very good example of a volunteer signup sheet.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Used with permission from Kanabec County.

CFB reconciliation issues Put out by the CFB to help treasurers avoid problems with their CFB reports.

Sample reimbursement form This is an example of a good form when people need to be reimbursed for expenses.