Resource Guide


  1. Introduction
  2. DFL Express
  3. Call Center
  4. Websites
  5. Media Center
  6. “Train to Win” – Training Program
  7. Research and Communications
  8. Voter File Training
  9. DFL Promotion Kit
  10. Multi-Purpose Room
  11. Conference Room


Our party’s success depends on the many volunteers and local party leaders who make phone calls, knock on doors, raise funds and identify voters so our DFL candidates can win elections.  The DFL has invested in resources to support this critically important work and most of these resources are available to local party units free of charge.  Please review this resource guide with your local party unit and consider what would be most helpful for your work.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or when you’re ready to get started.  Working together building our party to win and building our party to last.

DFL Express

The DFL Express is as 17-passenger shuttle bus that can be used for visibility at parades county fairs, picnics and other community events as needed.  Equipped with an external sound system, the DFL Express can be used as a backdrop for political speeches or as a float in parades, among other uses.  To schedule the DFL Express in your area, contact Lindsay Jacobson,

Call Center

The Jan Rein Call Center contains 23 phone stations for voter contact, volunteer recruitment and fundraising.  Predictive dialing software helps volunteers save time and complete more calls.  The call center is available for DFL Organizing Units and/or Endorsed candidates.  Party leaders can also use the Robo-Call feature to record meeting and event announcements that can be sent to thousands of DFLers free of charge.  To use the Call Center, contact Michael Crusinberry,


The DFL Party has invested in campaign cloud infrastructure that lets organizing units create and host secure, donation-ready websites with the latest digital tools all free of charge. The WordPress platform is easy to use and allows for full customization from the organizing unit. For more information about how to use our digital tools contact Rachel Boyer,

Media Center

The Ted & Amy Gavin Media Center includes everything needed to produce broadcast quality video cameras, tripods, mics, lighting and a tele-prompter.  With our professional editing suite we are able to help produce videos for use online as well as on TV.  Additionally we are able to help record radio ads and put together designs for online and print advertising.  To reserve the media center, contact Rachel Boyer,

“Train to Win”

To ensure that candidates, campaigns, and volunteers are powered up and ready to win, the DFL has put together out “Train to Win” program which offers regular trainings on grassroots organizing, direct voter contact, communications, fundraising and other essential organizational skills.  From our Training Summit to regional trainings and monthly training phone calls, we offer many different ways to participate and learn the latest techniques. For more information on upcoming trainings, contact Vicki Wright,

Research and Communications

The DFL Communications office provides resources so that our party leaders and candidates can effectively  communicate our message.  From research on specific issues or elected officials, to daily and weekly talking points through the “In The Know” schedule and clips, and our weekly “DFL Dispatch”, you should have all you need at your fingertips to make sure we are getting our message out far and wide.  For help with specific research or to sign up for daily and weekly talking points, contact Kayla Johnson,

Voter File Training

Party units & candidate campaigns use VoteBuilder/VAN to identify voters, recruit and track volunteers, and target communications.  The DFL  provides in-depth training for beginners and advanced data administrators who are using the VoteBuilder/VAN. Pre-registration is required.  For more information contact Sarah Black,

DFL Promotion Kit

The DFL Party has invested in promotional materials to help create visibility at events like county fairs, festivals and other community events in your area.  The kit includes a poster, literature from our candidates, and brochures from the DFL Party.  To request a DFL Promotion Kit contact Hannah Quinn,

Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room is ideal for large gatherings and events from meeting to mailings. The room contains 20 configurable tables and seats up to 60 people. To reserve the room, please fill out this form and send it to Lindsay Jacobson,

Conference Room

The Sam Heins and Stacey Mills Executive Conference Room features videoconferencing, a conference phone, a whiteboard, and seating for up to 12 people. To reserve the room, please fill out this form and send it to Lindsay Jacobson,