Party Unit Resources

Commonly used tools for local party leaders.

If you have questions or cannot find what you’re looking for, please email Deputy Training & Party Affairs Director Hannah Quinn at If you are a new DFL leader, you may want to read our New Leaders FAQs, which includes the basics of the party structure and party officer roles.

Insurance Requests

If you need to get proof of insurance for your event, use the Proof of Insurance Request form. Send completed forms to Office Manager Lindsay Jacobson at

Calendar Requests

Interested in placing an event on the DFL calendar? Go to and click on post your event.


Forms for Resolutions, Challenges, and Letter Nominations

For submitting amendments to the DFL Party Platform:

For filing a challenge to a violation of party rules:

For people who cannot attend but wish to be nominated for an elected position:

Changes in Party Officers

If your party unit has changed any of its officers, please report changes to the Deputy Training & Party Affairs Director Hannah Quinn at

Model Party Documents

The following model documents were developed by the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules Committee for use by local party units.

Model Convention Rules and Agendas

For organizing units that do not endorse for legislative seats:

For senate districts that are also organizing units:

For endorsing conventions in senate districts that are not organizing units:

Model Party Unit Constitutions

For organizing units that do not endorse for legislative seats:

for senate districts that are also organizing units:

For  senate districts that are not organizing units:

Local Unit Websites

The State DFL can provide local units with the ability to build their own web sites so they don’t have to find their own web site solutions. Our WordPress content management system provides a basic template for local unit sites, and allows webmasters to maintain their sites even if they don’t have prior web site experience or knowledge of coding. If you’re interested in establishing your local unit’s web site, contact Communication Director Rachel Boyer.

ADA Accommodations

The DFL Accommodations Program is a resource for party units that provide assistance and advice to help create accessible and inclusive DFL events for our diverse community members.

The DFL Accommodations Hotline is also available for members to request access accommodations or materials in alternative formats for State Party Events and Party Business.

Please leave a detailed message with your name, phone number, email, and party unit related to your request or comments. All messages will be confidential and treated with respect and dignity.

The DFL Accommodations Hotline
Phone Number: (651) 251-6380

Duties for Officers

Duties of Newly Elected Local Party Unit Officers:

Information for Party Officers

Outreach and Inclusion Committee Grant Materials

To receive a grant from the Outreach and Inclusion Committee, applicants must fill out an application and submit it to the DFL State Outreach Officer, Shivanthi Sathanandan. After review, the applicant will be invited to present the proposal to the Committee. The proposal may be fully approved, partially approved, or denied. If approved, Chairman Ken Martin reviews the proposal. If approved by the Chairman, the applicant will be required to demonstrate the success of the activity in order to qualify for funding. Funding is limited to reimbursement of expenses incurred and adequately documented. For questions contact Shivanthi Sathanadan,

All documents on this page are property of the Minnesota DFL and may only be reprinted for DFL Party purposes.

Robert’s Rules of Order are the rules that the Minnesota DFL Party and all party units use to run caucuses, meetings and conventions impartially and efficiently.

Guidance from the Federal government on making your meetings accessible to people with disabilities.

Chapter 202A of Minnesota Statutes provides the legal rules governing the party caucus and convention system in Minnesota.

When planning events, check what religious holidays might cause conflicts.