Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the DFL State Outreach and Inclusion Committee. Historically, this program has assisted DFL Local Party Units and Community Caucuses with Outreach and Inclusion initiatives designed to increase participation in the political process by underserved and underrepresented constituencies. These grants have been made possible because of the DFL State Party’s continued commitment to Outreach and Inclusion at all levels. In previous years, grant recipients used the grants awarded to defeat constitutional amendments, to design multilingual education tools to increase voter turnout and to build additional chapters within DFL Community Caucuses. This year, the party has budgeted $15,000.00 for DFL Local Party Units and Community Caucuses.

Expenses that are not covered under this grant program include, but are not limited to food, gas, mileage, staffing, and office rental.

If you have questions about whether your outreach project fits the parameters of this grant program, please feel free to contact with your questions before applying.

2018 DFL Outreach Grant Application

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