Press Releases from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Reps. Hagedorn, Emmer, Fischbach & Stauber Vote to Crash the U.S. Economy


Today, Republican Representatives Jim Hagedorn, Tom Emmer, Michelle Fischbach, and Pete Stauber voted against raising the debt limit. If these Republican Representatives had succeeded in blocking a debt limit increase, the U.S. economy would have been plunged into recession, millions of jobs would have been lost, and seniors would have experienced dramatic cuts to the Social Security benefits they rely on. Fortunately, Democrats were able to raise the debt limit and save our economy from the abyss.

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Tyler Kistner Touts Endorsements from Far-Right Extremists


This week, failed Republican congressional candidate Tyler Kistner proudly touted endorsements from far-right Minnesota extremists Steve Drazkowski and Dan Hall. In a pair of posts to Twitter, Kistner informed voters that he was “honored” to receive support from legislators best known for denying COVID-19, opposing same-sex marriage, resisting school integration and sewing doubt about the integrity of the 2020 election.

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Scott Jensen to Speak at Anti-Vax Summit This Weekend


On Saturday, September 25th, Scott Jensen will be a featured speaker at the anti-vaccine Global Health Freedom Summit. This event is just the latest example of Jensen’s habit of appearing at anti-vaccine events and speaking alongside notorious anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists.

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As Walz Encourages Students Get Vaccinated, Senate Republicans Spread Misinformation Threatening In-Person Learning


This week, Governor Tim Walz encouraged students 12 and up to get vaccinated as they return to in-person learning.

Despite knowing that the way to protect against COVID-19 is getting vaccinated and wearing masks, Minnesota Senate Republicans, as recently as last week, were protesting masks and vaccinations. The spread of misinformation has created vaccine hesitancy and discouraged mask use which threatens the ability of students to return to school in person.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement.

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