February 16, 2017 DFL News, Press Release

Trump and Russia: Minnesotans deserve to know what he knew, when he knew it

While more and more Republicans are speaking out about their concerns about the relationship between Russia and the Trump Administration, DFL Chairman Ken Martin said Minnesota’s Republican members of Congress, Rep. Jason Lewis, Rep. Erik Paulsen and Rep. Tom Emmer have remained silent.
“Maybe they are afraid of the results of an investigation into Trump’s business ties to Russia, contacts between Trump campaign officials and the Russian government and if crime is involved or just a cover-up,” Martin said. “It’s time for Lewis, Paulsen and Emmer to put our nation’s safety first and join other Republicans who want answers to these questions.”
The F.B.I. is currently looking into links between Trump’s associates and the Russian government by examining banking and travel records. It is known that in the year before the election, President Trump’s presidential campaign was in contact with Russian government officials and intelligence services. This summer, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officers were aware of the frequent communication between Russia and those close to Trump.
Martin said it is time for Minnesotans to know where Lewis, Paulsen and Emmer stand.
“Do or do they not support an investigation to find what Trump’s ties are to Russia and if Russia is having influence over our American government?” Martin said. “For Minnesotans that is a yes or no question.
“Without Lewis, Paulsen and Emmer’s support Minnesotans will never know what Trump knew, when he knew it. Trump may believe that he is above the law and rules don’t apply to him and if Lewis, Paulsen and Emmer do not support an investigation, then that will be true.”