Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin on GOP Preemption Bill

Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin on

GOP Preemption Bill

“Republicans in the Minnesota House of Representatives have passed a bill that puts corporate profits over citizens. Honoring the request of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Republicans’ bill prevents local communities from establishing a minimum wage, requiring sick and safe time and other rules relating to employee benefits and working conditions. Corporations are interfering with the rights of local elected officials to make decisions that are best for the hard working citizens they represent.

“The bill reserves local actions for proposals that were enacted on or after Jan. 1, 2016, meaning that 150,000 working people in Minneapolis and St. Paul would lose paid sick days. This hurts workers who most need the benefit. When faced with the decision to go to work sick or leave a loved one who is sick home alone or face a day without pay, most workers go into work.  This is a moral issue and instead of standing up for the working people of Minnesota the Republicans instead stood up for corporate special interests – again proving to all of us what their real priorities are. Shame on the Republicans.

“I encourage people to call their state senators and ask them to put citizens before corporate profits and reject this proposal.”