July 27, 2018 DFL News, Press Release

Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin on the latest Jason Lewis revelations

“CNN’s recent exposé on Jason Lewis’ statements has revealed a U.S. Congressman’s deeply disturbing worldview. With every passing day, it becomes clearer why Lewis worked so hard to keep his past statements hidden. These are not the beliefs of a person who is committed to creating a Minnesota that is just and fair for everyone, these are the beliefs of a racist, misogynist, elitist who clearly cares for no one but himself.

“These comments make it abundantly clear that Jason Lewis has an intense contempt for anyone who isn’t a straight, able-bodied, wealthy, white male.

“The Minnesota DFL categorically rejects Lewis’ opinion that any American citizen is a parasite, that the 1964 Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional or that the Americans with Disabilities Act is “one of the worst” laws, and I’m stunned that I even need to say that.

“It’s a sign of where the current Republican Party is that they would choose such a man to be in Washington and make decisions on the future of our country. In addition, I find it deeply troubling that the Minnesota Republican Party has continued to support Lewis, despite their own recent condemnations of other, unnamed activists and officials within their party, who have acted in a similar fashion.

“To continue to stand by Jason Lewis after the revelations of the past few days shows that these issues are endemic of a far greater threat than the offensive comments of one U.S. congressman.”