February 1, 2018 DFL News, Press Release

DFL Heads into 2018 with Record-Breaking Fundraising Numbers

[ST. PAUL, MN] – The Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party today announced it raised more money in 2017 than any off-year in party history. In 2017, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party raised over $4.1 million, leaving the party with over $598,000 cash-on-hand. This number, which is almost double what the Minnesota Republican Party raised, propels the party into 2018 with the largest cash-on-hand figure for the DFL ever going into an election year.

“These record-breaking numbers are not only a measurement of how competitive our party will be in 2018—they are an undeniable indicator of the enthusiasm Minnesotans have for electing DFLers this November,” DFL Chairman Ken Martin said. “Thanks to the generosity and commitment of progressives across the state, the DFL is heading into this election year with the resources and energy it needs to bring a blue wave crashing down across Minnesota.”

What These Numbers Mean
· The DFL raised more money in 2017 than in any non-election year in party history.
· The DFL is heading into 2018 with the most cash-on-hand ever heading into an election year.
· Ninety-four percent of donations were small-dollar donations, meaning less than $100.

How the DFL Stacks Up
· The DFL raised almost two times more than the Minnesota Republican Party in 2017.
· The Minnesota Republican Party has nearly eight times more debt than the DFL.
· The DFL has nearly three times more cash-on-hand than the Republican Party heading into this critical election year.
· The DFL raised more money in 2017 than all gubernatorial candidates, from both parties, combined.