November 8, 2017 DFL News, Press Release

DFL-Endorsed Candidates Claim Victory Across Minnesota

[ST. PAUL, MN] – Candidates endorsed by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party claimed victories in municipal elections across Minnesota on Tuesday. Every DFL-endorsed candidate on the ballot was elected in St. Paul, Duluth and New Brighton, and nearly all are anticipated to be elected in Minneapolis.

“The results of this election speak loud and clear: the DFL is vibrant and united across Minnesota,” DFL Chairman Ken Martin said. “Despite outside money pouring into these local elections, people-powered campaigns found strength in the DFL endorsement and prevailed across the state. Minnesotans are standing behind the DFL as they choose a progressive vision for their cities, their communities, and their families. We will build on this energy, continue organizing in every zip code, and carry this momentum to victory in 2018.”

In a historic night for diversity in politics, voters elected Melvin Carter as St. Paul’s first African-American mayor, and Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham as the nation’s first openly transgender African-American city council members.

“Minnesota made history Tuesday night,” Martin said. “Voters elected our capitol city’s first African-American mayor and our country’s first openly transgender African-American city council members! In the face of divisive rhetoric at the national level, Minnesotans are doubling down in our efforts to ensure the diversity of our government reflects the diversity of our people.”

Voters elected new mayors to Minneapolis and St. Paul. Chairman Martin released the following statement in response to Melvin Carter’s election to be mayor of St. Paul.

“In 2004, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Melvin on the Kerry-Edwards campaign. It’s been amazing to watch what he’s done for this community and our state in the years since,” Martin said.

“Melvin becomes the first African-American Mayor of St. Paul, and continues in a long line of public service that the Carter family has provided,” Martin continued. “From his work on the City Council to his work leading our states efforts on Early Childhood Education, Melvin knows what it will take to lead St. Paul forward. Congratulations Melvin Carter, the Carter family, and the City of St. Paul. The future is bright for St. Paul.”

Martin released the following statement in response to Jacob Frey’s election as mayor of Minneapolis.

“Jacob Frey is a passionate progressive who has a proven ability to build consensus and get things done for the people of Minneapolis,” Martin said. “From fighting for social justice to supporting small businesses, Frey will use his position as mayor to build on the progress he made on City Council. Congratulations to Jacob, his family, and the City of Minneapolis.”