September 8, 2017 DFL News, Press Release

DFL Chairman Statement on Supreme Court Upholding Governor’s Veto

[ST. PAUL, MN] – Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement today after the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld Governor Dayton’s veto of certain appropriations for the Minnesota House and Senate:

“Boom. This decision makes clear that Minnesota will not stand for House Republicans playing political games with our future. Republicans forced the governor against a wall by sneakily writing legislation to withhold critical state funding unless he signed their package of tax cuts for the wealthy.”

“It’s regrettable that Republican leaders chose this pricey legal battle to protect their excessive tax giveaways. And now the court is ordering them to do just what the governor suggested in the first place: Sit down in a good faith effort to resolve their differences. I hope they have learned their lesson and will get back to working with our governor to pass legislation that benefits all Minnesotans.”