August 10, 2017 DFL News, Press Release

DFL Chair Ken Martin Response to Protest on Congressman Lewis’ Private Property

[ST. PAUL]– Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Chair Ken Martin released the following statement today in response to a protest that took place on Congressman Jason Lewis’ private property.

“There are lines that we expect no one to cross. Unfortunately, a group of protesters crossed the line the other day by protesting on private property. We strongly support peoples’ right to peacefully protest and exercise their First Amendment right to free speech. However, we condemn any behavior that intrudes on a person’s private property.”

“While we do not condone their behavior, we understand the frustrations of Minnesotans who have been continually denied an outlet to express their concerns directly to Congressman Lewis. Despite repeated calls from the Minnesotans he represents, he has refused to hold in-person public town halls. Congressman Lewis’ votes in Washington have threatened the lives of many of his constituents. They are concerned and they deserve answers.”