May 31, 2019 Media

Virginia Shooting Victims Deserve our Grief, Anger, and Action

My heart goes out to all those in Virginia Beach affected by this latest incident of mass violence.

It can be easy to try looking away in moments as deeply painful as these, to protect ourselves from tragedy by trying to escape from it, but those who lost their lives deserve better. They deserve our full and undivided attention. They deserve our grief, our anger, and more than anything else, they deserve our action.

I will never accept the specter of violence hanging over our schools, our offices, and our public places as just another part of life in America. Mass shootings cannot be the new normal.

Please join me in a personal moment of silence and reflection to honor and remember those who lost their lives in Virginia Beach. Then, I ask you to join me in recommitting ourselves to action on behalf of those victims of gun violence across our nation.

We cannot look away, we cannot succumb to our grief, and we cannot allow this to go on.

Ken Martin
Chairman of the Minnesota DFL