October 11, 2019 In The News, Media

Super-PAC That Received Illegal Foreign Contributions from Indicted Giuliani Associates Spent Almost $5 Million to Benefit Minnesota Republicans

GOP-aligned Super-PAC allegedly received over $300,000 in foreign money for the purpose of buying influence in U.S. – Ukraine relations 

DFL Demands MN GOP Return Money from Indicted Giuliani-Linked Associate

St. Paul, MN – Yesterday, two associates of Rudy Giuliani were arrested and charged with allegedly conspiring to funnel foreign money to Republican politicians and candidates for the purpose of buying influence in U.S. – Ukraine relations.

The two men arrested, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, allegedly funneled $325,000 into the Trump-aligned America First Super-PAC through a shell corporation. Among the Republicans who benefited most from America First’s illegal campaign cash were Minnesota Repbulican Congressmen Jim Hagedorn and Pete Stauber.

In 2018, America First spent $3.2 million attacking DFL congressional candidate Joe Radinovich and $1.7 million attacking DFL congressional candidate Dan Feehan. America First spent more money in support of Pete Stauber than in any other Republican candidate across the nation. 

Additionally, it has been discovered that the Republican Party of Minnesota received a campaign donation from the criminally charged Giuliani associate, Parnas. 

DFL Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“It is deeply disturbing that Congressmen Hagedorn and Stauber have benefited from the campaign spending of a Super-PAC that received hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal foreign contributions. These charges are even more troubling given the fact that both Stauber and Hagedorn have defended President Trump’s recent solicitation of foreign interference in United States elections.

“By defending, minimizing, and normalizing foreign governmental interference in United States elections, Stauber and Hagedorn are opening Pandora’s Box. Our democracy must be sacrosanct, and we cannot allow foreign governments to meddle with our elections for their benefit. The only ones that should decide the outcomes of our elections are the American people.

“I am calling on Pete Stauber, Jim Hagedorn, and Jennifer Carnahan to immediately condemn any and all foreign interference in our elections, including President Donald Trump’s request that the government of the Ukraine investigate his political opponents. 

“I am also calling on Jennifer Carnahan and the Minnesota Republican Party to donate the contribution they received from indicted Giuliani-linked associate Lev Parnas to charity.”