April 12, 2019 Media

Senator Hall: Big Pharma Sellout

Big Pharma is raising drug prices across the state.

Many Minnesotans cannot afford the insulin they need to stay alive.

Senator Hall voted against a bill to provide life-saving insulin to people who can’t afford it.

Senator Hall put Big Pharma before Minnesota.

The Problem:

Pharmaceutical companies have raised the price of insulin by 300%1 in the last decade. This is a serious problem for the over 300,000 Minnesotans with type 1 or type 2 diabetes because they rely on insulin to stay well.

It’s unacceptable that rich drug companies are using sick Minnesotans to get even richer.

The Solution:

A group of Minnesota lawmakers recently introduced a bill that provides Minnesotans with emergency insulin if they cannot afford it. This would be paid for by the companies that are currently jacking up insulin prices. It’s the least they can do for all the pain they’re causing.

With as many as 1 in 4 people skipping or rationing insulin doses1, this legislation would save lives.

Senator Hall:

Unfortunately, the emergency insulin bill is going absolutely nowhere because lawmakers like Republican Senator Hall voted it down2.

Another Republican Senator, Scott Jensen, was asked why his colleagues like Senator Hall aren’t supporting the emergency insulin bill. Here’s what he said:

“I think the pharmaceutical industry is powerful enough that when they flex their muscles, they make it difficult for things to move forward.”3

You read that right. Senator Hall is not moving forward on lifesaving legislation because the pharmaceutical industry told him not to.

Senator Hall is putting the needs of rich and powerful special interests before the needs of Minnesotans.

Senator Hall is part of the problem.


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