August 13, 2019 Media

Republicans Pick Politics Over Insulin & Gun Safety

Today, Senate Republicans have convened the Health and Human Services Committee for a hearing. Unfortunately for the thousands of Minnesotans struggling to pay for their insulin, that hearing is not be on the topic of emergency insulin access. Instead of addressing the important issues our state is facing, Republicans are convening a partisan political fishing expedition.

DFL Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Despite repeated pleas from Minnesotans who are suffering due to the skyrocketing price of insulin, Senate Republicans have not once held a hearing on the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act. Senate Republicans have also completely refused to hear any common-sense gun safety reform bills, despite the broad support these safety bills have among Minnesotans.”

“Instead of actually doing their jobs and taking up these life-saving bills, Senate Republicans are holding a hearing designed to score cheap political points. It’s truly shameful that Senate Republicans would ignore the urgent needs of their own constituents to embark on a transparently partisan and ill-conceived fishing expedition.”

“Right now, we have the unique opportunity to pass legislation that will save lives across Minnesota. DFL leaders are ready to seize that opportunity and work with Republicans to get things done. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have chosen politics over people.”