October 15, 2018 DFL News, Media, Press Release

Pete Stauber Embraces Right-to-Work Washington Politicians While Claiming to be Pro-Labor

‘Pete Stauber’s actions tell us everything we need to know about his feelings toward organized labor.’

GOP candidate for Congress Pete Stauber can’t get his story straight when it comes to the rights of organized labor. While his campaign insists that “Pete is definitely pro-union,” Stauber, the Republican candidate in Minnesota’s Eighth District, continues to campaign and raise money with some of the most anti-labor politicians in the country.

As recently as last week, Stauber welcomed Right-to-Work champion and Georgia Congressman Doug Collins to northern Minnesota. Collins, the latest in a string of anti-labor Washington politicians Stauber has welcomed to Minnesota, received a 5% rating from the AFL-CIO last year.

Collins’ support for Stauber comes on the heels of a visit from Vice President Mike Pence who held a fundraiser for Stauber in August.

As Governor of Indiana, Pence defended some of the most anti-labor Right-to-Work laws in the country. And during his time as a Member of Congress, Pence earned a 5% lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO and a 2% rating from AFSCME.

Stauber’s hardcore embrace of high-profile anti-labor politicians is puzzling given the fact that one-sixth of the state’s workforce, or more than 411,000 people, are union members in Minnesota.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “And Pete Stauber’s actions tell us everything we need to know about his stance on organized labor. Minnesota has a proud history of championing the rights of workers to organize. That Pete would invite some of the most anti-union politicians in the country to Minnesota tells us everything we need to know about who’s side he’s on. Pete Stauber has made it clear that in Washington, he’ll put wealthy Republican donors and special interests before hard-working Minnesota families.

“Joe Radinovich has always stood with Minnesota’s working men and women. While Pete Stauber was attending big money fundraisers with Right-to-Work Mike Pence, Joe was rallying with United Steelworkers to protest attempts to reduce their healthcare benefits. The difference couldn’t be more clear. Joe comes from a family of union miners, electricians, and health care workers, and has been endorsed by almost two dozen labor unions in his race for Congress. Minnesota workers are standing with Joe Radinovich. In Congress, Joe Radinovich will continue to fight for them, not the millionaires and billionaires who want to make Minnesota a union-busting, right-to-work state.”