October 10, 2019 Media

Minnesota DFL on Trump Rally in Minneapolis

Ahead of Donald Trump’s MAGA rally today in Minneapolis, DFL Chair Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Instead of addressing rising prescription drug costs or stagnant wages, protecting Medicare, or keeping jobs in Minnesota, Trump is coming to our state after spending the week attacking our hardworking public servants and facing scandals on every front. We already know he has broken his promise to the people in our state to work for them – Minnesotans recognize a scam when we see one.

“Rather than give oxygen to the incomprehensible lies he’ll undoubtedly spew, DFLers will be spending the day talking to voters and canvassing in neighborhoods across the state. Donald Trump’s agenda of broken promises will yet again lead him to lose Minnesota and bring down his Republican enablers along the way.” 



Promise: “I’m asking for your vote so we can bring sanity to the process. so we can repeal and replace Obamacare and save health care for every family in Minnesota and in our country!” Trump in Minneapolis, November 6, 2016

Reality: If Trump Succeeds At Overturning The ACA, The Number Of People Uninsured In Minnesota Would Increase By 265,000, Or 80 Percent, By 2019. – Urban Institute


Promise: “We will also cancel all harmful Obama regulations that hurt Minnesota farmers, workers and small businesses.” – Trump in Minneapolis, November 6, 2016

Reality: “While Headlines Have Gone Into Hiding On President Donald Trump’s Disastrous Tariff Policy, Farmers Are Losing Money And Filing For Bankruptcy At Alarming Rates.” – Mankato Free Press Editorial


Promise: “We will stop the jobs from leaving Minnesota, and we’ll stop them immediately.” – Trump in Minneapolis, November 6, 2016 

Reality: “Wells Fargo & Co. is shedding 400 jobs at its operations center in Shoreview […] Earlier this year, Wells Fargo laid off more than 100 workers at an office in Bloomington, according to the Star Tribune […] In 2018, Wells Fargo reportedly laid off hundreds of U.S. employees and pushed some jobs overseas.” – Twin Cities Business


Promise: “To give our workers and businesses a level playing field, Republicans passed the biggest package of tax cuts and tax reforms in the history of our country.” – Trump in Rochester, October 4, 2018

Reality: “[For now, companies have chiefly directed the windfall to shareholders. For instance, Ameriprise, the Minneapolis-based investment advisory firm, said that it paid out its entire quarterly profit to shareholders through dividends and stock buybacks.” – Star Tribune


Promise: “We will save and protect your Social Security and Medicare.” – Trump in Minneapolis, November 6, 2016

Reality: “Trump Said He Wouldn’t Cut Medicaid, Social Security, And Medicare. His 2020 Budget Cuts All 3.” – Vox