June 28, 2019 Media

LGBTQ Press Calls Out Minnesota Republican for Going to ‘Gay Cure Rally’

This past weekend, while Pride celebrations were in full swing across the Twin Cities, Republican State Senator Dan Hall showed up for a “gay cure rally,” where attendees celebrated his part in blocking a bill banning LGBTQ conversion therapy. The event was hosted by a group called Freedom March, a group that purportedly seek to bring “hope of deliverence to the LGBTQ community.”

The news of Senator’s Hall attendance at the “gay cure rally” was quickly picked up by LGBTQ+ media outlets like PinkNews, the Advocate, and Queerty, who were not shy in calling out Senator Hall’s prejudice.

Pink News went after Hall for supporting conversion therapy:

On the day of Minnesota’s largest Pride event, Twin Cities Pride, the state senator instead attended an event promoting the discredited idea that homosexuality can be cured.

Conversion therapy is widely considered to be pseudoscience that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

The practice has been condemned by various health and psychiatry bodies across the world. In the United States, it has been discredited by the American Psychiatric Association, American College of Physicians, and the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry.

The Advocate took Hall to task for his history of homophobia on social media:

Hall has continued to promote homophobic and transphobic views on social media. In April, he posted a story on Facebook about the defeat of an LGBTQ-inclusive sex education bill in Washington State, City Pages reports. He added the comment, “This is where things are going if you don’t voice your opinion. Your children and grandchildren will be taught the proper way of having homosexual sex. The Minnesota House Democrats have a bill that would stop any kind of youth counseling against homosexuality.”

Then in June, he shared a story from right-wing site PJ Media about a study claiming that there is no evidence people are born gay or transgender. On Facebook, he cited this quote from the article: “One environmental factor that appears to be correlated with non-heterosexuality is child sexual abuse victimization, which may also contribute to the higher rates.”

Queerty found video of Hall throwing a “temper tantrum” after being called a bigot:

In 2013, he said he would “personally go to jail” before he would ever “perform a marriage to a homosexual.”

Also in 2013, Hall threw a temper tantrum at a Senate hearing after he says he was accused of being called a bully and a bigot for discriminating against LGBTQ people.

Lastly, the Advocate closed their article by pointing out that Hall may not have his job for much longer:

As for Hall, he may be vulnerable in the 2020 election. His Senate district encompasses two House districts, and both of them flipped from Republican to Democratic in 2018, Minnesota DFL spokesman Brian Evans told The Advocate. No Democrat has entered the Senate race yet, but his district is one the party will pay close attention to, Evans said.