November 14, 2019 Media, Press Release

Hagedorn Fails His District on Highway 14

This week, it was announced that Minnesota will not receive $25 million in federal funding to expand and improve Highway 14.

Congressman Jim Hagedorn claimed that improving Highway 14 is one of his “top infrastructure priorities,” yet he was unable to leverage both his unwavering devotion to President Trump and his previous career as a government bureaucrat to actually secure funding for the project.

Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota DFL, released the following statement in response:

“Since Congressman Hagedorn cannot get things done for the people he represents, he should not be in office. How can voters count on Hagedorn to find bipartisan solutions to the problems they are facing when he cannot even work with a President of his own party?

“If Jim Hagedorn is only capable of throwing partisan bombs, he should retire from Congress and go back to blogging.”