January 30, 2020 Media

DFL Smashes All Previous Off-Year Fundraising Records

DFL enters 2020 stronger and more organized than ever

Today, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party announced it raised more money in 2019 than any previous off-year in DFL history. In 2019, the Minnesota DFL raised over $8.1 million and entered 2020 with over $650,000 cash on hand. The DFL’s 2019 fundraising total is double the party’s last off-year fundraising record – $4.1 million raised during 2017.

“Our record-breaking fundraising is proof that DFLers are fired up and ready to win races up and down the ballot in November,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “The unprecedented grassroots support our party received from DFLers in every single county in Minnesota has ensured the DFL has the resources to take on the Trump campaign, take back the State Senate, and defend the incredible gains we made in 2018. Our party is entering 2020 with a terrific slate of candidates, a great team of organizers, and tons of supporters across Minnesota that are ready to get to work electing DFLers.”

What’s in the numbers:

  • The DFL received contributions from every single county in Minnesota
  • Over 93% of the DFL’s contributions were $100 or less
  • Over 90% of the DFL’s contributions were from Minnesota, but the DFL also received contributions from 49 states – thanks for nothing West Virginia
  • The DFL doubled the party’s previous off-year fundraising record
  • The DFL entered 2020 with more cash on hand than any previous off-year

The Minnesota DFL’s 2019 fundraising totals:

  • Money raised: $8,130,468.17
  • Money spent: $7,797,277.81
  • Cash on hand: $650,655.14
  • Money carried forward from 2018: $317,464.78
  • Debt (obligations carried over from 2019): $79,306.57