December 19, 2019 Media

DFL Criticizes Senate GOP “Sham” Hearing on Gun Safety

Today, the Minnesota DFL sharply criticized Republican Senators for holding a fake hearing on gun safety.

Despite the fact that 84% of Minnesotans, including 75% of Republicans, support expanding background checks, Senate Republicans did not debate background checks or any other gun safety bill. They did not take any public testimony from experts or concerned citizens. Instead, Senate Republicans convened a hearing to lecture concerned families on current gun laws. 

Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota DFL, released the following statement in response to the inaction of Senate Republicans:

“Today’s hearing was a sham designed to hide the fact that Senate Republicans like Dan Hall and Jerry Relph have spent the last year blocking all gun safety reform. An overwhelming majority of Minnesotans across the state and the political spectrum support reforms like universal background checks, yet Senate Republicans refuse to take action and protect Minnesotans from gun violence.

“After today’s hearing, one thing remains perfectly clear: Republicans will continue to block any new gun safety legislation as long as they control the State Senate. Minnesotans that want safer schools and more secure communities should remember this when they cast their votes in 2020.”