October 31, 2019 Media

DFL Condemns Rep. Munson’s “Fake News” Civics Lesson

Today, Representative Jeremy Munson hosted a mock legislative debate for a class of 65 6th grade students from St Clair Elementary School, all while dressed as a “fake news reporter.”

Jeremy Munson’s Fake News’ Costume

Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota DFL, released the following statement:

“It is crucial that we teach young Minnesotans about the importance of democracy, and part of those lessons must include the role a free and independent press plays in educating the American electorate and holding our leaders accountable.

“Indoctrinating schoolchildren in the far-right conspiracy theory that our press regularly publishes ‘fake’ news is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. By attacking the press before a class of 6th graders, Rep. Jeremy Munson has done a serious disservice to the children of St. Clair Elementary School.

“Munson’s stunt was beneath the dignity of his office, and he owes an apology to the students and parents of St. Clair Elementary, to his constituents, and to his colleagues in the Minnesota House of Representatives.”