April 16, 2019 Media

DFL Commemorates the 75th Anniversary of Party’s Founding

St. Paul, MN – Today, Leaders in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party paid tribute to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the DFL. 75 years ago this week, on April 15th, 1944, the Minnesota Democratic Party joined forces with the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party to create the Minnesota DFL. The following are statements from DFL leaders across Minnesota on the significance of this one-of-a-kind political party and its 75th anniversary.


Ken Martin – Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

“The Minnesota DFL began 75 years ago as a merger between the Democratic Party and the Farmer-Labor Party. That merger symbolizes the highest ideals and aspirations of our party: Minnesotans from all walks of life coming together to advocate for the common good. It is a privilege to be the chairman of a party that fights for all Minnesotans and that recognizes that our diversity is a tremendous strength.”


Tim Walz – DFL Governor of Minnesota

“Throughout its history, the DFL Party has been a driver for good in the state of Minnesota. We are fortunate to have had its leadership over the last 75 years in the fight for a fair and just state. I am excited for what the future holds as we work together to build One Minnesota.”


Amy Klobuchar – DFL United States Senator from Minnesota

“The Democratic-Farmer-Labor party has spent 75 years championing our Minnesota values — fighting for families, expanding opportunities for every Minnesotan, and investing in our future. The DFL has always led the way in building grassroots campaigns focused on neighbor to neighbor conversations about our values and the importance of electing progressive leaders in Minnesota and around the country.”


Tina Smith – DFL United States Senator from Minnesota

“I’m proud to be a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, whose history of building bridges and strengthening bonds between Minnesotans is exemplified in its very name. Our party has always found inspiration and motivation in grassroots activists who elevate the problems facing their communities and passionately advocate for solutions. It has been my honor to continue this proud DFL tradition of making change by uniting Minnesotans and building communities across our great state.”


Melissa Hortman – DFL Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives

“It’s an honor to be among the leaders of our great DFL Party. The DFL has a long, rich history of Minnesotans coming together to improve people’s lives and build a state that works for everyone. Our people and our core progressive values have driven our party for 75 years and will continue to for generations to come.”


Dean Phillips – DFL United States Congressman from Minnesota’s 3rd District

“Since 1944, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party has represented progressive values and included Minnesotans from all walks of life. On occasion of our 75th anniversary, I salute the generations of activists, farmers, laborers, volunteers and staff that have fought tirelessly for the principles of truth, justice, and opportunity for all. Our work is as important as ever, and the best is yet to come!”


Betty McCollum – DFL United States Congresswoman from Minnesota’s 4th District

“Throughout my lifetime, the Minnesota DFL has been a force for equality, opportunity, and progress in our great state. I’m proud to belong to a party who has always honored our past, while always looking towards creating a brighter future. Throughout the years, the DFL’s activists, leaders and values have been instrumental in helping to make Minnesota a great place to raise families for all Minnesotans.”


Collin Peterson – DFL United States Congressman from Minnesota’s 7th District

“The merger of Democrats and Farmer-Laborites was an interesting time in Minnesota political history. Throughout the DFL’s history, party leaders like Hubert Humphrey, Rudy Perpich and Paul Wellstone have shown us how our party can be successful with divergent views and a big tent.”


Keith Ellison – DFL Attorney General of Minnesota

“The DFL Party is our way of expressing ourselves politically — and it’s far more than that. It’s an organization that anyone who wants to improve the lives of all Minnesotans can engage in. It’s a powerful vehicle for making life more meaningful and well-lived for people.”


Steve Simon – DFL Secretary of State for Minnesota

“My great grandparents fled to Minnesota from Eastern Europe, where they had faced persecution. Their troubles and their journey are always in the back of my mind, and inspired my choice to be a Democrat. For 75 years, the DFL Party has been a party of opportunity, justice, fairness, unity, and democracy. Minnesota is a better place because of those values, and because of the many DFL champions who have worked and fought to make a hopeful future.”