About Us

DFL stands for Democratic-Farmer-Laborer. We are the party of the people, with a long and proud tradition in Minnesota. It was the people-first policies, enacted by DFL leadership (along with progressive Republicans), that helped to move Minnesota into the forefront of the nation on economic, health, education and social justice initiatives.


  • Robert Hunter, Chair
  • Diane Wendland, Vice Chair
  • Patrick McCarthy, Secretary
  • Les Tlougan, Treasurer
  • Craig Brenden, Outreach Officer

Directors at large

  • Karen Byron
  • Jeff Folie
  • Peter Fog
  • Mary Sack
  • Karen Tlougan
  • Melvin Strand
  • Don Zwach
  • Fran Zwach
  • Jack Williams
  • Shirley McCarthy
  • Kathy Oftedahl

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