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The Senate District 61 Central Committee is an all-volunteer group that ties the DFL voters of the 61st Senate District to party activities, campaigns and our elected DFL officials. The Central Committee is responsible for planning caucuses and conventions held in even-numbered years (odd numbered years are organized by the City of Mpls DFL). We also work toward conferring endorsements on DFLers running for office in our Senate District and then support those candidates to victory.
The stated goal of any Senate District Central Committee is to elect DFL-endorsed candidates to office at all levels from President on down.

We are also a social group, creating relationships within our DFL circle. We meet once a month (see the events section of this website for details) and generally have a social hour after our meetings. Our meetings are open to the public as
are our social hours. Feel free to attend either or both.

SD61 is home to one of the strongest DFL concentrations in the state and we also have one of the highest voter turnouts (generally #1 in the state). We are proud of our voters.

Members of the SD61 Central Committee
Scott Graham, Chair
Judith Sateren, Vice Chair
Charles Miller, Treasurer
Sandy Cleland, Secretary
Peggy Clark, Outreach Officer
Ladonna Meinecke, Director at large, Fundraising
David Burck, Director at large
Jennifer Thorp, Director at large
Roann Cramer, Director at large
Bonita Everts, Director at large
Graham Burdick-Everts, Director at large
Rebecca Borrud, Director at large
Lisa Baumert, Director at large
Keith Moran, Director at large
Lee Henschel, Jr, Director at large
Susan Lynn, Director at large
vacant, Director at large
vacant, Director at large
Christopher Thorp, State Officer-Lives in District

Senate District 61 State Central Committee Delegation
Brittany Edwards
Judith Sateren
Roann Cramer
Sandy Cleland
Peggy Clark
Bonita Everts
Scott Graham
David Burck
Graham Burdick-Everts
Gary Farland
Christopher Thorp

Rebecca Borrud
Ladonna Meinecke
Betty Cozatt
Elisa Juarez
LaDonna Redmond
Zoe Wisnoski
Gregory Haupt
Ethan Pleshe
4 Vacancies for SCC Alternates not identifying as female

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