About Us

We are the DFL party unit for Minnesota’s 59th Senate District covering North Minneapolis, the Warehouse District, Elliot Park, parts of downtown Minneapolis and Bryn Mawr.

DFL SD 59 Officers:

  • Chair, Jeffrey Strand
  • Vice- Chair, Kathleen Schuler
  • Secretary, Erica Pieske
  • Treasurer, Amy Bergquist
  • Outreach Officer, Raymond Muse
  • Communications Director, Bonnsy Vue


  • David Boyd
  • Marie Alena Castle
  • Flo Castner
  • Catherine Fleming
  • Jeffrey Gonzales
  • Queen Kimmons
  • Michael Nagell
  • Betsy Perrizo
  • Bernard Robinson
  • Georgianna Yantos
  • Rosalind Young

State Central Committee Delegates (D) and Alternates (A):

  • Sheree Breedlove-D
  • Mike Fedor-D
  • Kim Jeppesen-D
  • Jessica Monette-D
  • Bernard Robinson-D
  • Joanne Hager-A
  • Joe Mullery-A
  • Betsy Perrizo-A
  • Bonnsy Vue-A
  • Rosalind Young-A

Elected Officials

Bobby Joe Champion
State Senate, District 59

Raymond Dehn
State Representative, District 59B

Fue Lee
State Representative, District 59A

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