Outreach and Inclusion Community Discussion
August 31, 2020, 7:00 PM
Via Zoom

How Does the City of Woodbury Work?
Race, Policing and the Suburbs

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Senate District 53 Stands in Solidarity with Justice for George Floyd

We stand in solidarity and support for the peaceful protests our communities are engaging in as a response to the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd.   Even as we struggle to articulate our grief, we acknowledge the on-going reality of fear, violence, and unequal treatment under the law suffered by people of color in our country.  We see the deep wounds and the injustices that continue to make this a reality for too many, for too long.  It should be a matter of shame that the Twin Cities has some of the worst racial inequalities in income, healthcare, education, and housing in the USA.  This abysmal, and widening, the inequality gap cannot continue.  We will not be silent.

We are all part of this pain and the anger, but we pledge also to be part of the solution.  As the ‘Big Tent’ party, we see the strength and richness that diversity brings; we want to welcome those who have felt there is no place for them in this conversation because the conversation is incomplete without you.  We believe we can do so much more with empathy and understanding. In these hours of sadness, we also see the power of communities coming together and speaking up for justice and the kindness of common Americans from every walk of life. In this, we see hope for the way forward.  We believe the strength of our shared humanity is greater than the forces that seek to destroy, oppress, and divide.  Let us begin and let us never be silent.

Senate District 53 Leadership Team

2020-2022 SD53 Officers

Cheryle Carter, Chair
Anand Balar, Vice-Chair
Email:  sd53dfl@gmail.com
Sonia Mehta, Outreach and Inclusion Officer
Email:  sd53outreach@gmail.com
Pat Williamson, Treasurer
Email:  sd53treasurer@gmail.com
Jodell Miller, Secretary
Email:  sd53secretary@gmail.com

SD53 Directors:

Frederick Dempsey-Hess Campaign Coordination
Kay Hendrikson Precinct Coordination
Tom Miller Database Management
Jodell Miller Fundraising Coordination
Char Nitardy Leadership and Development
Patricia Perez-Jenkins Issues and Programs
Jennifer Willette Precinct Coordination
Pat Williamson Event/Volunteer Coordination


What is a precinct? Want to get involved in SD53?

It is at the precinct level that the grassroots organization happens.  Right in your neighborhood!  Join us!  For more information, email us at sd53precincts@gmail.com.

The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country where its residents vote at one location.  It is also your neighborhood where you are invested in the outcomes of issues that directly affect you and your family members.  It is SD53’s grassroots effort to get-out-the-vote, to support voter registration efforts, to recruit activists to work on campaigns, to name a few–one precinct at a time. Each precinct has a Precinct Chair and Vice-Chair (Click here for the job description).

Join our team to affect change in the community! Contact our Precinct Coordinators to get involved at sd53precincts@gmail.com.

How do I find my precinct?  Go to: Secretary of State’s Pollfinder.  Below are the maps to the twenty-three precincts that SD53 represents:

Precinct’s Name Map Description
Landfall Map
Maplewood P-10 Map
Maplewood P-11 Map
Maplewood P-12 Map
Maplewood P-13 Map
Oakdale P-1 Map
Oakdale P-8 Map
Woodbury P-1 Map
Woodbury P-2 Map
Woodbury P-3 Map
Woodbury P-4 Map
Woodbury P-5 Map
Woodbury P-6 Map
Woodbury P-7 Map
Woodbury P-8 Map
Woodbury P-9a Map
Woodbury P-10 Map
Woodbury P-11 Map
Woodbury P-12 Map
Woodbury P-13a Map
Woodbury P-14 Map
Woodbury P-15 Map
Woodbury P-16 Map


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Contact Information:

Mailing Address:

Senate District 53
P.O. Box 25893
Woodbury, MN  55125

Phone:  612-470-3528 (leave a message, and we will get to you as soon as possible)

Email:  sd53dfl@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @sd53dfl

Congressional District 4
Jennifer Guertin, Chair

Tou Xiong
State Representative 53A
Steve Sandell
State Representative 53B
Susan Kent
Minnesota Senator
Betty McCollum
US Congresswoman
Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan
Governor and Lt. Governor
Keith Ellison
Minnesota Attorney General
Tina Smith
United States Senator
Amy Klobuchar
United States Senator
Steve Simon
Minnesota Secretary of State
Julie Blaha
Minnesota State Auditor

News & Media

Coffee and Conversation
Jim Vlcek, Facilitator
For location and time email sd53dfl@gmail.com.