About Us

Our purpose is to support all DFL candidates and promote the beliefs and principles of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.

We are passionate about improving the quality of life for our families, communities and state. We encourage you to join us!


(The overall function of our organization)

Elect Democrats to Senate District 25 House and Senate seats.

Work with other DFL and Democratic organizations to help elect Democrats to state-wide and national positions.


(The future state we would like to achieve)

All capable residents of Senate District 25 will be accurately informed on all issues pertinent to state and, as appropriate, national elections; these residents will have the correct, true facts on which to base their voting decisions.

All eligible voters within Senate District 25 will be registered and will vote on every applicable Election Day.


Chair: John Swanson, 507-273-0658, jwsgto@charter.net, 1803 35th st. NW Rochester 55901
Vice Chair: Donna Miller
Secretary: Sylvia Rolfs
Outreach Officer: Dale Armorosia
Treasurer: Cyndi Lee
Steve Monk
Bernita Reding
Gayle Rock
Michele Sykes
Ron Alley
Walt Turner
William Reding
Zachary Peterson
Linda Walbruch
John Walbruch

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