About Us

DFLers are people who believe in:
The right of workers to organize.
Access to health care.
Quality public education.
A living wage.
Affordable college tuition.
A clean and safe environment.
Progressive taxation based on the ability to pay.
Involvement and access for all people in the political process.
Separation of church and state.
Equal opportunity for all citizens.

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Senate District 7 Executive Committee Contact Information

7th Senate District DFL Mailing Address:
PO Box 3494
Mt Royal Station
Duluth 55803

Chris Rubesch
7th Senate District DFL Chair

Jocelyn Heid
7th Senate District DFL Communications Chair


Executive Committee Meetings

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. These are open meetings, all are welcome!

September meeting Tuesday, September 11th, 2018, 7-8:30 pm, Lincoln Park Middle School, 3215 W 3rd St., Duluth, MN 55806, Media Center Room

Meetings are held monthly, location and date vary based upon committee member availability. Contact Committee Chair for information.

Unit Oversight Committee
Rich Updegrove, Chair

Fundraising Committee
Gary Westorff, Chair

Data Management Committee
Shawn Pelletier, Chair

Communications Committee
Jocelyn Heid, Chair

Outreach Committee
Nora Eckstein, Chair

Executive Committee Members

SD 7 Executive Committee Officers

Chris Rubesch, Chair crubesch@gmail.com 

Deb Taylor, Vice Chair dfldeb@yahoo.com

Carmen Schempp, Secretary carmenschempp@yahoo.com

Maya Mattke, Treasurer memattke@gmail.com

Louisa Posada, Outreach Officer weathergoddess@gmail.com


SD7 Executive Committee Directors

Peggy Roy, peggylr1@gmail.com

Jocelyn Heid, jmonarda@gmail.com

Erin DeWitt, erin@consciouslivingnow.org

Bella Maki, makix386@d.umn.edu

Luverne Capan, laverne55805@gmail.com

Tina Welsh, tinawelsh32@aol.com

Kelli Latuska, kellilatuska@gmail.com

Lori Doucette, pcextrodinar@msn.com

Susan Willis, susanw@charter.net

Shawn Pelletier, mntaz218@gmail.com

Cruz Mendoza, cruzman@gmail.com

John Krumme, john@krummowen.org

Allen Killian-Moore, email@allenkillianmoore.com

Marsh Stenerson, marshallstenersen@hotmail.com

Richard Hudelson, richardhudelson@gmail.com

Brian Muhs, muhsx008@d.umn.edu

Gary Westorff, gwestorff@yahoo.com


State Central Committee Members

Jo Haberman, jhaberman87@gmail.com

Jen McEwen, mcewen.jennifera@gmail.com

Rich Updegrove, rich.updegrove@gmail.com

Mike Mayou, chels032@d.umn.edu

Scott Bol, earthmannow@gmail.com


State Central Committee Alternates

Carmen Schempp, carmenschempp@yahoo.com

Lori Doucette  pcextrodinar@msn.com

Nora Eckstein, weathergoddess@gmail.com

Lavern Capan, laverne55805@gmail.com

Ron Salveson, rpsalveson@gmail.com

Rick Youmans, funiwriter@hotmail.com

Corey Cusick, corey.cusick@gmail.com


SD7 Representatives

Jennifer Shultz, MN House Representative, 7A schultzformnrep.com

Liz Olson, MN House Representative, 7B lizforduluth.com

Senator Erik Simonson, District 7 MN Senator, sen.erik.simonson@senate.mn 

Jennifer Schultz
MN House Representative 7A
Liz Olson
MN House Representative 7B
Erik Simonson
District 7 MN Senator

News & Media

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Our Upcoming Events

GOTV! Get Out The Vote!

The November Election will be here before we know it and like all elections, this one is important!  Join fellow DFL’ers throughout the state in ensuring that the DFL platform will be lifted and the issues that are important to many Minnesotans are represented! How can you do that? Volunteer! It’s fun! You get to build community with others that share your passion for change, integrity, equanimity, and sustainable progress. Let’s continue building a positive momentum that will move us towards a successful outcome on November 6th!

Share your zip code here to see what shifts are available. Thank you!