The purpose of the Roseville DFL is to provide a process to endorse DFL candidates for Roseville Mayor and City Council Members as well as promote the election of DFL endorsed candidates on the City of Roseville’s ballot.
The Roseville DFL Value statement can be viewed here (This PDF link displays in a new window.)

2020 General Election on November 3, 2020

The two DFL endorsed Roseville City Council candidates are Dannah Thompson and Julie Strahan. Please take the time to get to know the candidates by visiting their Facebook pages and websites.

Like Dannah Thompson’s campaign page on Facebook and visit her website.

Like Julie Strahan’s campaign page on Facebook and visit her website.

Early voting has begun! You can request a mail-in ballot by going to https://iwillvote.com/mn.

Below are links to the MN Secretary of State to also help guide you through the voting process:
Register to vote
Election Day Voting
Other Ways to Vote
What’s on my ballot? (Click on “View your sample ballot” and follow the instructions.)
Tips for New Voters

Important Voting Information to ensure
your vote is counted

To ensure your vote is counted through the ballot-counter machine it is critical to follow the instructions on the ballot. (Information from the SOS states “The ballot instructions will say how many candidates you can choose for each office. Usually it will say to ‘choose one.’ * Some local offices may have more than one seat to fill. * Your ballot will count even if you do not vote on every race or ballot question.”

It is also critical to follow all instructions for early and mail-in voting by filling in the proper ID information on the “white signature envelope” and do not forget to sign it or your ballot may not be counted.

Central Committee Members

Chair – Lauren Peterson

Vice Chair – James DeBenedet

Secretary – Darlene Guy

Treasurer – Linda Zelig



If you have any questions please reach out to our chair, Lauren Peterson, at lrpeterson8@gmail.com

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