The purpose of the Roseville DFL is to provide a mechanism for endorsement of candidates for Roseville Mayor and Council and to promote the election of DFL endorsed candidates on the ballot in the City of Roseville.


Our first DFL endorsed candidate for Roseville City Council was Wayne Groff. He is the newest member of the Roseville City Council.

Central Committee Members

Chair – Lauren Peterson

Vice Chair – James DeBenedet

Secretary – Darlene Guy

Treasurer – Linda Zelig

Director – Cynthia Lee

Director – Charlie Quick

Director – Jim Dryden

Director – Stephanie DeBenedet

Director – Maya Sheikh-Salah

Director – James Carr

Convention! Convention! Hear all about it!

Add us to your calendar – the Roseville DFL’s next CONVENTION is coming to a park building near you in May 2020!


Pencil in your precinct caucus, too – look for updates near February 2020.

Check out our calendar for our upcoming events