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Protect Your Vote: Vote Early!

The Minnesota Secretary of State has sent out absentee vote applications by mail, and you can request an absentee ballot here as well.

Ballots should be mailed on or around September 18th, so put in your application now and be on the lookout for the ballot when it comes.

Because of Trump administrations systematic attempts to suppress voting by defunding the USPS, it is critical that you send your ballot in as soon as possible.

This election may be the most important test of our Democracy and the long, proud history of this country. In addition to the heartbreaking losses of friends, family, and our fellow citizens, COVID presents an additional threat to this election.

We cannot know what November will look like, and while we all hope that it will be safe to gather in large groups and that everyone will be protected or recovered from COVID, there will be no way to be sure until days before the election. By then, it will be too late to make any adjustments.

In order to protect YOUR VOTE and OUR DEMOCRACY, we encourage everyone to vote early.

Here are some additional resources to help you make sure your voice is heard in this critical elective.



Meet the Polk County DFL Officers

Sheila Fontaine
Kip Fontaine
Vice Chair
Krista Fisher
Marsha Odom
Cynthia Ansbacher
JoC Andreasson
LaVonne Froemke
Denny Jacobs
Wendell Johnson
Darrell Liende
Paul Peltier
Outreach Officer
Shauna Reitmeier
Faith Rud
Brent Silvis
Rick Van Eck
John Walters
Lori Walters

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