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Promote the values of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party, encourage and increase participation in events, recruit and support candidates, and insure that the voices in Otter Tail County are heard in the legislative process. Our vision is to provide organization, support, foster and promote understanding of the issues and ideas contained in the Democratic Party Platform. We will be a vehicle for participation in the Democratic process, which will improve the quality of life in our Community, our State and our Nation.

2018-2020 Otter Tail County Officers

Chair: Michael Windey
Vice Chair: Jane Stock
Outreach: Elizabeth Kuoppla
Secretary: Erin Gerdes
Treasurer: Diane Windey


    • Jim Adamietz


    • Judy Carpenter


    • David Sobieski


    • Robyne Williams


    • Chet Nettestad


    • Paulette Nettestad


    • Cornel Walker


    • Richard Kagan


    • Betty Windom Kirsch


    Kandace Creel Falcon

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