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Promote the values of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party, encourage and increase participation in events, recruit and support candidates, and insure that the voices in Otter Tail County are heard in the legislative process. Our vision is to provide organization, support, foster and promote understanding of the issues and ideas contained in the Democratic Party Platform. We will be a vehicle for participation in the Democratic process, which will improve the quality of life in our Community, our State and our Nation.

2018-2020 Otter Tail County Officers

Chair: Michael Windey
Vice Chair: Jane Walker Stock
Outreach: Open Position
Secretary: Ellen Palmer
Treasurer: Diane Windey


David Sobieski

Robyne Williams

Chet Nettestad

Cornel Walker

Paulette Nettestad

Richard Kagan

LaRon Adkins

Paul Haarstick


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Today I attended the Clean Energy Panel hosted by West Central Initiative in Fergus Falls. The main focus of the conversation was centered on a partnership between the city of Morris and the city of Saerbeck in Germany. Saerbeck has built an energy park that produces 400% of the energy used by the city, all with renewable sources.

My take aways:

– Using less energy is the cheapest energy you can use.
– Electricity is three times as expensive in Germany as it is in the United States, but we use three times as much.
– Renewable energy is here and available. We can build more renewable infrastructure, but we have to navigate a complex web of state regulations, especially for investor-owned utilities.
– Paying for renewable energy investment through rate increases is a regressive way to address climate change.
– We do have companies in our area that get shut down when energy (natural gas more often than electricity) is not available because residential users have a higher priority. It is in our best interest to make sure we have reliable, affordable energy sources so that our manufacturing facilities can continue to operate and pay workers.
– We should to remove organics from our waste stream.
– Check out the Tailwinds Program through Otter Tail Power Company.
– There are good, positive things happening to make renewable energy available to all Minnesotans!


Our Upcoming Events

Minnesota DFL Party

Moves 2020 Conventions to Online Ballot

On March 16, 2020, the Minnesota DFL State Executive Committee made the decision to move local convention activities away from in-person meetings and tele-conventions, and instead conduct party business via an online balloting system. This decision was made to ensure all DFL Party events are in compliance with advice from public health officials to cease small group gatherings.  No decision has yet been made regarding the May 29-31, 2020 Minnesota DFL state convention.

Please visit https://www.dfl.org/covid19/ballotrules/ to read balloting rules.

What does this mean for Otter Tail County DFL Delegates and Alternates?

1)  The Minnesota State DFL executive board has upgraded all Alternates to Delegate status.

2)  As a Delegate, just before April 25th, 2020 you will receive an email from the MN State DLF Party Affairs Committee containing a personalized link to your ballot containing the 41 resolutions collected at our Otter Tail County DFL Precinct Caucuses.  Using this ballot, you will vote for up to 20 resolutions that you wish to be forwarded to the State Resolutions Committee for compilation for the State Convention.  Voting will open on April 25, 2020, and close on May 5, 2020, to allow time for you to consider / research the proposed resolutions.  If you do not have access for electronic balloting, call Mike Windey 651.338.3065.

3)    In the same or a separate email from the Party Affairs Committee, you will receive a link to a ballot for the election of Delegates to the Congressional and State Conventions.  Otter Tail County is allowed 8 delegates and 8 Alternates.

4)  If you wish to be a candidate for state delegate status, please email Mike Windey a.s.a.p. at windeyottertail@gmail.com to add your name on the ballot.  According to State rules, you must include your Presidential Preference to be on the ballot.

5)  Delegates living in Senate District 8A (S.D.8A) will receive a link to an endorsing ballot for Brittney Johnson, who is currently unopposed for MN House 8A.  At this time we do not have a candidate for S.D. 8B, or for State Senate.

6)  If you are interested in running for a position on the Otter Tail County DFL Board, (chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, outreach director, or one of 11 directors, or youth representative (16-25yrs)) please email Mike Windey at windeyottertail.@gmail.com and your name will be placed on the ballot.

In Solidarity,

Mike Windey, OTC DFL chair 651.338.3065

Cornel Walker, SD 8 chair 409.795.8183

Sent via email to 96 of 101 OTC DFL delegates on March 22, 2020.

For additional information please contact: Mike Windey, Chair for Otter Tail County DFL at:  651-338-3065, or email at: windeyottertail@gmail.com


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