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It is a goal of the Hubbard County DFL, a unit of the Minnesota DFL, to build a positive presence and reach out to voters based on the following Hubbard County DFL values that:

  1. Work toward a healthy environment of clean air and water to the benefit of all county residents, including those involved in agriculture, the arts, fishing, tourism and hunting
  2. Encourage work opportunities that provide fair, livable wages and benefits
  3. Support community members who educate, train and support our children and adults
  4. Advocate for health care that is affordable for all
  5. Support responsible gun ownership and safety
  6. Support our endorsed DFL candidates.

We accomplish our goal by sponsoring Walleye and Wild Rice dinner fundraisers, having a booth at the County Fair, having a booth at Crazy Days, taking part in the 4th of July parade and sponsoring event(s) yet to be determined.

Carolyn Spangler hubbardcountydfl@gmail.com (218)252-9970

Vice Chair/Outreach Officer/Deputy Treasurer
Dan Wilde stolpilot.wilde@gmail.com (218)252-5232

Lu Ann Hurd-Lof luann47@gmail.com (218)820-2716

Fred Luckeroth fredluckeroth@gmail.com (218)699-3466

Arvayda Carter arvayda@yahoo.com (218)732-4529

Alana Ericson alanakhalifa@gmail.com (218)760-9055

Al Judson joal1969@gmail.com (218)699-3204

Jan Kahring jankahring@gmail.com (612)501-5472

Mike Kovacovich kovac@paulbunyan.net (218)444-4724

Denise Ristinen dristinen58@gmail.com (218)252-0483

Lowell Schellack lowellschellack@gmail.com (218)252-9632

Maurice Spangler mauricespangler@gmail.com (218)252-9513

Joel Vorhes joelvorhes@gmail.com (218)237-2250

Hubbard County DFL In Action:


Our guests and volunteers

Many volunteers helped make the August 23rd Walleye and Wild Rice dinner successful. More photos at Hubbard County DFL

State Auditor Julie Blaha joined us for the event.
Rep. John Persell visits with Michael and Jenny Bates.

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Our Upcoming Events

The Hubbard County DFL meeting Monday, April 13 is cancelled.

The Senate District 2 endorsing convention will be done using an online balloting system to endorse DFL candidates for Senate District 2 and House District 2A and 2B and elect Senate District 2 officers. Voting will be open from Saturday, April 25 through Monday, May 4. The MN DFL will be emailing ballots. Your Hubbard County DFL officers will be calling those who don’t do email. If you were a county convention delegate, look for a ballot starting April 25. If you don’t see one, please contact Carolyn Spangler.