About Us

We are DFL members and members of Minnesota’s Disability Communities.

  • We advise and advocate for full inclusion of people with disabilities within every aspect of Minnesota life, including within all aspects of the DFL Party.
  • We include people with disabilities, family and friends, advocates and allies.
  • We include DFL volunteers, staffers, candidates, and elected officials.
  • We share news and information about disability issues and communities.
  • We show up for legislative action in our local units and at the Capitol.
  • We screen and endorse DFL candidates for state-level and national elections.
  • We volunteer with DFL campaigns and issue advocacy.
  • In solidarity with other DFL-DC Community Caucuses and Outreach Organizations, we see and respond to intersectional issues for people with disabilities who also carry BIPOC and/or LGBTQA+ identities.

The DFL-DC does not handle ACCESSIBILITY ACCOMMODATIONS for individuals attending DFL meetings, caucuses, conventions, or other events. For that, please see the DFL Party Affairs page at https://www.dfl.org/accommodations/ or email accommodations@dfl.org or call the ACCOMMODATIONS HOTLINE at 651-251-6380.

We have no authority to provide or manage accessibility accommodations, however, if  you have difficulty accessing reasonable accommodations through DFL Party Affairs and your local unit, please email dfl.disability.caucus@gmail.com and we will try to assist if possible.

We meet monthly, usually at 2 PM on the 4th Sunday of the month. All meetings are on Zoom and include CART real-time transcription (live captioning).  Meetings are open and everyone is welcome. We invite members to join the Legislative, Accessibility, Outreach, Constitution and Endorsement committees. Annual dues are $10 but anyone can ask for a dues waiver by emailing us at DFL.disability.caucus@gmail.com

DFL DC Leaders 2019-2020

Chair: Kari Sheldon

Vice-Chair: Brian Baker

Outreach & Inclusion: Noah McCourt

Treasurer: Alison Canty

Secretary: Karen Wills

Directors: Christy Caez, Michael O’Brien, Sonja Peterson, Karla Sand, Bridget Siljander


Our Upcoming Events

Please send us an email at DFL.disability.caucus@gmail.com to receive announcements of upcoming meetings and events.