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The First Congressional District is composed of 22 counties in Southern Minnesota that extend from the western border with South Dakota to the eastern border with Wisconsin.

DFL Candidate for 2018 Races

Daniel Feehan
Website: https://danfeehan.com/
Volunteer: https://secure.ngpvan.com/KT9KQaorKk6Sjzv2bLEHnw2
E-mail: info@danfeehan.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/danfeehanforcongress
Twitter: http://twitter.com/danielfeehan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRRbgFryvTYYtA4vcwdJSw

U.S. Senate

    Amy Klobuchar – Incumbent


    • Chris Coleman


    • Website:


    • E-mail: chris@colemanforgovernor.com

Tina Liebling
Website: https://www.tinaliebling.com
E-mail: info@tinaliebling.com

Erin Murphy
Website: http://www.murphyformn.com
E-mail: info@MurphyforMN.com

Rebecca Otto
Website: https://www.rebeccaotto.com
E-mail: campaign@rebeccaotto.com

Paul Thissen
Website: http://www.paulthissen.com

Tim Walz
Website: http://www.walzforgovernor.org
E-mail: info@walzforgovernor.org

Secretary of State

    • Steve Simon – Incumbent


    • Website:



Jon Tollefson (has registered a campaign committee)

Attorney General

    • Lori Swanson – Incumbent (has not yet announced plans)


    • Website:


IF LORI SWANSON Decides not to run for Attorney General again the following candidates have already started campaigns if that happens

    • John Lesch


    • Website:


Debra Hilstrom
Website: https://www.debrahilstrommn.com/

Mike Rothman

Ryan Winkler
Website: https://www.ryanwinkler.com


Executive Committee

Chair Debra Hogenson
Vice Chair James Hepworth
Outreach Officer Leonel Lopez
Secretary Chris Phan
Treasurer Patrick Stallman

Director Julie Ackland
Director Maria Baxter-Nuamah
Director Peter Bode
Director Shawn Groth
Director Donna Miller
Director Michael Nordby
Director James Rechs
Director Rory Rohloff
Director Terri Ross
Director Sam Viesselman
Director Harriet Wishnick
Budget Cmte Member Greg Graif
Outreach & Inclusion Cmte Del Gary Nevalainen
Outreach & Inclusion Cmte Del Barb Lake
Constitution, Bylaws & Rules Cmte Del Cyndi Bennett-Lee
Constitution, Bylaws & Rules Cmte Del Jacob Grippen
Platform, Issues & Legislative Affairs Cmte Del Elly Zaragoza
Platform, Issues & Legislative Affairs Cmte Del John Zehnder
Party Affairs & Coordinated Campaign Cmte Del Mark Liebow
Party Affairs & Coordinated Campaign Cmte Del Deb Staley

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