About Us

The website is for the Blue Earth County DFL organizing unit. We are a strong board of active individuals seeking to help promote the DFL platform.

Chair: Mark Halverson
Vice Chair: Anita Kreutzer Boyer
Secretary: Dawn Campbell
Outreach Officer: Iemawn Chughtai
Treasurer: Richard Wheeler
Communications Coordinator: John Zehnder
Directors: Walt Anderson, Drew Campbell, Anna Good, Julianne Gruber, Judy Hepworth, Rochelle Major, Mary Ann Nelson, Joe Smentek, Erick Steinmetz, Jan Weir, Kent Wilson Jones

Our Representatives:

Minnesota House

    • State Representative (19B)

Jack Considine

    State Representative (23B) Jeremy Munson–Republican

Minnesota Senate

    • State Senator (19)

Nick Frentz

    • State Senator (23)

Julie Rosen

    — Republican

State Executive Officers

    • Governor

Mark Dayton

    • Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach—Republican


    • Secretary of State

Steve Simon

    • Auditor

Rebecca Otto

    • Attorney General

Lori Swanson

US Congress

    • U.S. Senator

Amy Klobuchar

    • U.S. Senator

Tina Smith

    • U.S. Representative

Tim Walz

Declared Candidates

DFL endorsements for US Senate and state-wide offices will be determined at state convention in June.

US Senate

    • Amy Klobuchar, incumbent


    Tina Smith, incumbent

US Congress 1st District:

    • Johnny Akzam


    Dan Feehan – DFL endorsed!


    • Erin Murphy


    • Rebecca Otto


    Tim Walz

State Attorney General

    • Matthew Pelikan


    Lori Swanson, incumbent

Secretary of State:

    Steve Simon, incumbent

State Auditor:

    • Julie Blaha


    • Jack Dickinson


    Jon Tollefson

State Representatives

    Jack Considine (19B) – DFL endorsed!

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