Local Units – How They Work

The DFL state party operates across the entire state of Minnesota, but the day-to-day operations of the party are handled by local party units established to cover particular jurisdictions.

Organizing Unit

The basic party unit is called the Organizing Unit, and may consist of an entire county, a senate or house district, or some combination of the two. The Organizing Unit is responsible for running precinct caucuses every two years and for managing party activity between caucuses. Each Organizing Unit has representation on the State Central Committee. Organizing Unit boundaries are drawn such that every area of the state is in exactly one Organizing Unit. Find your local Organizing Unit.

Senate Districts

Each Senate District has officers who are responsible for holding endorsing conventions and helping support candidates for the state legislature. In many areas, the Organizing Unit and the Senate District are consolidated into one organization. List of Senate Districts in the state.

City Organizations

Some cities have established local units to oversee endorsements for municipal campaigns. List of cities with established party units. List of City Organizations in the state.

County Organizations

Some counties that are not established as Organizing Units have established party units to endorse candidates and/or manage certain party activities in the county. List of counties with established party units.