Progressive Framing and Messaging Workshop – Cook County DFL

Learn to create winning progressive messages based on the way people really think, and take a vacation to Minnesota’s one and only Grand Marais. Grand Marais has been named America’s Coolest Small Town (Budget Travel Magazine), Top 10 Beach Getaways (Outside Magazine), and Next Great Adventure Town (National Geographic Adventure Magazine). There’s not a better month to visit the north shore than September. The weather is perfect.

The Connections Lab Framing and Messaging Workshop

“Connections Lab offers an excellent introduction to framing for progressives.”
—George Lakoff, author of THE ALL NEW Don’t Think of an Elephant!

When we talk about our messaging, at the top of everyone’s list is the notion that what we’re doing doesn’t seem to be working. We have to change the way we communicate, but how?

There is a way. Building on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist George Lakoff and others, the workshop will reveal:

Why liberals and conservatives take the positions they do.
What we need to stop doing to be successful.
How to frame a message so it works!
You’ll never see political communication in the same way!

Applying current science in cognition —about how people’s brains really work, you’ll learn about the science behind framing and leave with skills empowering you to create messages that really work (hint: facts and logic aren’t a great way to start).

You will learn to apply our hands-on “Stop, Drop and Roll” techniques that teach the skill of framing messages that tell people who we are, what we believe, and why our ideas work better for all Americans.

What you need to know:

Coffee and rolls will be provided.
There will be two short breaks.
Check-in begins at 8:30AM. Program starts at 9:00
Tickets: Click the link above to register and reserve your place.
Bring paper and a writing utensil.

You can find more resources at the Connections Lab website: Connectionslab.org

This event is sponsored by the Cook County DFL. We hope to see you there.

Cook County Higher Education Building - 300 3rd Ave W Grand Marais, MN
Date & Time
September 14, 2019 9:00 am

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