February 17, 2017 Blog, DFL News

Make your voice heard, our nation’s future depends on it

By Ken Martin, Chairman, Minnesota DFL
While many of us find it hard to watch the 24-hours news cycle and what is happening at our capitals in St. Paul and Washington D.C., I am feeling hopeful. In Minnesota and all around the country people see the problems facing our country and they are rising up to make their voices heard.
Over the past number of weeks, DFL staff have traveled to all corners of the state to hold listening sessions. We heard from voters who are worried what the future brings. They are worried that the actions Republicans take will create a larger divide between the haves and have nots; close the doors to our future workers and leaders; and take health care away from working people.
Republican plans to cut funding to our schools and give taxpayer money to private schools will only deepen the divide between the haves and have nots. Without a quality education, students from lower- and middle-class families will be impacted the most. But lawmakers need to know only one thing about Minnesotans; we love our public schools. Elected officials in Minnesota and Washington D.C. can expect parents, educators and community members to make their voices heard on the issue of quality schools for all children.
Many Minnesotans can trace our roots to Germany, Scandinavia and other areas of Europe. Our ancestors faced hardships to come to America because they wanted a better life for their families. They are no different than the current refugees and immigrants who are fleeing countries ravaged by war and economic instability. They also want a better life for their families. And Minnesota needs them. In the not too distant future, without more foreign-born workers, Minnesota won’t have the people needed to fill the workforce. Minnesotans will make their voices heard on maintain our state’s long tradition of welcoming refugees and immigrants.
Thanks to affordable health care programs at the state and federal level, working people who do not have access to health care coverage through their jobs don’t need to worry. But Republicans at all levels of government want to see that come to an end. Our current programs are not perfect, but throwing out what’s there and starting from scratch is extreme. Minnesotans want the availability of doctor’s visits, preventative services and life-saving care for everyone. Minnesotans will make their voices heard for working families who need access to health care.
I’d like to thank everyone who attended the DFL listening sessions. I am hopeful at this time because people aren’t getting discouraged, they are realizing that there is more to the democratic process than just voting; the more people who make their voice heard the stronger our nation will be. I invite you to make your voice heard, too, our nation’s future depends on it.